Biogeochemical Cycles marine science

Biogeochemical are elements that has to do with the carbon, nitrogen, water and phosphorous cycles. Cycle pertains cycling of chemicals absorbed.

Nitrogen Cycle : a cycle that never stops, nitrogen passes through air to soil to living things. Nitrogen involves three major steps fixable, nitrification and denitrification.

Carbon Cycle: The cycle which plants go through photosynthesis use atmospheric carbon dioxide to produce carbohydrates, which are in turn metabolized by animals to decomposition products that return carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Phosphorus Cycle: the important part of the ATP molecules that store and gives every cell its energy. It is the process in which phosphorus travels from the main source of rocks through living things.


Created with images by LadyDragonflyCC - >;< - "Final Bloom of the season" • Macleay Grass Man - "Vicia sativa plant1" • SeppH - "pile carbon fuel" • Donations_are_appreciated - "light phosphorus turn on" • James St. John - "Travertine stalactites (Hatchet Bay Cave, Eleuthera Island, Bahamas) 1" • James St. John - "Travertine stalactites in Entry Chamber (Hatchet Bay Cave, Eleuthera Island, Bahamas) 4"

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