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Kris and Claudia Potrafka love Austin musicians and they've seen the struggles that artists go through to share their art with the world. So they decided to host a live streaming show every week to give the artists another outlet for promotion and a personal way to connect with their fans. They brought in a comedian to make the interview fun, give it that Austin "weird" vibe, and help fans connect with the artists in a unique way.

Kris, Claudia, and Macha

Every Tuesday from 7-8pm, they stream live to the Music Firsthand Facebook page. Following the show they provide dinner for the artist. A group of volunteers who share the same love for Austin musicians help with sound, social media, and streaming video.

Austin musician David Selbo and the team after the show

We discovered David's spirit animal, his pet peeves at festivals, and how his girlfriend has truly inspired his writing.

Soon after their 12th show they were approached by Cuvee Coffee Bar to host the show live from their business.

Austin musician Hannah Barrakat

Hanna shared her secret for vocal warm-ups - french fries! We talked about her experience on Radio Disney, meeting her husband in a cafe, and wasta.

Austin hip hop group Mindz of a Different Kind

MDK joined us after their tour in France and we learned a lot about how it impacted them personally, of course French cheese, their personal journeys, and their special go-to hip hop moves.

This led to more businesses like 4th Tap Brewing Co-op requesting to host the show.

Austin musician Suzanna Choffel

Which judges would Suzanna date, maim and marry after her experience on The Voice? She tells all during her interview with us.

Austin musician Jaimee Harris

Jaimee Harris and Eddie Dickerson talk folk-n-roll, their love for skee ball, juggling, and the risks of inhaling fog (fog machines!).

More recently, the show has streamed live from Austin Eastciders, The Brixton, Hops and Grain Brewery, and Drinks Lounge to packed houses. Sponsorships from these businesses have made the show possible.

Austin musician Kady Rain

Kady Rainicorns sent in a lot of fan questions, Ben shared some fun fantasies, and we learned about their favorite nerdy pastimes.

The show has come a long way in a short time. As of early July, 2018 we wrapped up our 50th show - that's 50 artists we've showcased, fed, and provided with valuable marketing material for their promotions!

Featured in the background is Austin band The Wheelwrights

The early, early days of the show with Austin band The Ghost Wolves
Austin Musician Jake Farr
Austin Musician Nick Diaz

Past artists featured on the show... Ray Prim, Carson McHone, The Ghost Wolves, Jake Farr, Aaron Stephens, Jean Caffeine, Buenos Diaz, Scott Collins, January and June, Craig Marshall, David Selbo, The Wheelwrights, Suzanna Choffel, The Wheelwrights, Hanna Barakat, Darja, American Dreamer, Sydney Wright, Eric Bettencourt, Deer Fellow, Aimee Bobruk, Mindz of a Different Kind, Jaimee Harris, The Staylyns, Brian Pounds, Alice and the 11s, Nichole Wagner, Kady Rain, Ryan DeSiato, Fair City Fire, Johnny Goudie, Fierce Kelly, and coming soon... The Reverent Few, Christina Cavazos, Hooka Hey, Giulia Millanta, and Drew Davis.

The shows quickly started averaging over 500 views before the end of the night and artists have started inviting close fans to be a part of the live studio audience.

Featured here Austin band Deer Fellow, their fans, and comedian BeckiJo Neill

Austin musician Eric Bettencourt

Eric shares his affinity for Hunter S. Thompson, how to buy bulk stamps for cheap on eBay(!), and what happens when fans request bad cover songs.

The show doesn't cover your usual artist interview questions... and nothing is off-limits.

Austin musician Nichole Wagner

Besides being an incredible singer songwriter, Nichole has an affinity for pancakes. So much so she shared her pancake socks with our viewers during the show.

Nichole Wagner's biggest fan... A flying squirrel, of course!

Thanks to committed volunteers we've been able to keep the show thriving. However, it takes a community so we recently launched a fundraising campaign on Patreon to bring together patrons who love to support Austin musicians and the Austin music culture.

As a patron you play a special role in helping establish Comedians Interviewing Musicians as a real contributor to the Austin music culture. More importantly, you are directly supporting the artists.

As a way to say thank-you to our patrons we've created special Monthly Membership Reward Tiers:

  • Tier 1: I Knew Them When! Your name showcased in the credits at the beginning of each show!
  • Tier 2: Spotlight! Your own spotlight on the show
  • Tier 3: Merch! Shirts and Signed CDs
  • Tier 4: Concert Club!
  • Tier 5: Producer!

Business sponsorships also available!

In May of 2018 we were contacted by Airbnb to list the show as part of their initial launch in Austin of Airbnb Experiences. We had 8/10 tickets sold the first week! Since then we have also been experimenting with selling tickets through Eventbrite and giving 80% of those ticket sales directly to the artist... so promotion, food, drinks, and now revenue for the artists!

5 STARS! "This was an incredibly unique and enjoyable experience that I would highly recommend - truly a next-level Sofar Sounds." - Airbnb Guest Review

Every show sticks to our core principles - sometimes strange, sometimes serious, but always sincere. Interviews and performances with the best of Austin’s hard working musicians being interviewed by a comedian. BeckiJo Neill was our featured comedian for the first season and she came to love the idea so much she has stayed on volunteering her time as the primary host of the show. Every 8-12 weeks we rotate a new comedian co-host to join BeckiJo.

Comedians Interviewing Musicians every Tuesday 7-8pm CT streamed live from the Music Firsthand Facebook page.

Find all the past shows published to the Music Firsthand YouTube Channel.

Thank you to the folks who have volunteered their time and money to keep the show going... Kris and Claudia Potrafka, Benjamin Alan Levy, Brenda Herrera, Mario Ramirez, Jordan Willis, Rolie Hernandez, and comedians BeckiJo Neill, Luis Flandes, Claude Ramey, and Melody Shifflet. It's a very nimble team working with a high quality Mevo camera, basic sound gear, minimum stage lighting, some fun props, and a lot of duct tape. They work hard to help Austin musicians connect with their fans in a personal and fun way each week.

Contact: Kris Potrafka at kp@musicfirsthand.live

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