South Africa By: PacinO lin

The beach side of South Africa

Welcome to South Africa, I will be telling you all about South Africa.

South Africa is in the southern and eastern hemispheres. It lies on the continent Africa.

The countries and oceans that borders South Africa are Botswana on the north, Mozambique on the north east, Swaziland is also on the north eastern. The south Alantic ocean is on the west and the Indian Ocean on the east.

The three national capitals are Cape Town, the coordinates are 33°S, 18°E. The next is Bloefonteinis, the coordinates are 29°S, 26°E. The last one is Pretoria, the coordinates are 25°S, 28°E.

This is Cape Town capital
This Bloefomteinis
This is Pretoria
This is the great Escarpment

The great Escarpment, it is the world's highest plataue. On the edge is a steep edge. Below the edge is rocks and ocean waves crashing against the cliff.

This is the Darkensburg Mountains

The tempature zone South Africa is in is the tropical zone. That mean it hot year round. The lines of latitude South Africa is in is south and east.

The Darkensburg Moutains, it rises more than 11,400 ft high. It extends north east to south west for 700 miles.

South Africa's total population is 55,315,645. It has a medium population. And South Africa ranks 25 in the world for population

These are the population for these cities, and these are the most populated.

South Africa is more urban

More people entering than leaving because of refugees from near by countries and migrants. 1.5 million Zimbabwians come.

South Africa is developing beacause of their GDP per capita. Their GDP per capita is 11,500 but in the us is 45,000 per year average. Their life expectancy is 48 years but in the us is about 78 years. Their literacy rate is 93, in the us is 99% so this why South Africa is not developed.
The south Africans speak many languages In there country. Here are the top five languages, Isizulu 22.7% speak it, Afikaaan 13.5% speak it, English 9.6% speak it, Setswana 8% speak it, and Sesotho 7.6% speak it.
86.8% of South African are christian.
This is Kruger National Park

The Famous Kruger National Park is a wild life reserve and is a great place to enjoy wild life. Animals such as lions, rhinos, elephants, giraffe, and diverse bid species. This attracts many tourist.

This is the Famous Table mountain

This famous land mark is Table mountain, is is a mountain with a flat top. The mountain is or hiking and there many restaurants there. An is a great tourist attraction area.

This Tsitsikamma National Park

Tsitsikamma National Park has deep gorges and canoeing areas. They also have wild life reserves too. They have great beaches. They also have lots of small mammals and diverse bird species.

This is all the sports South Africans play, Soccer, Cricket, and Rugby.

These are the most famous sport in South Africa.

Barbique is the most common food in South Africa

Some people is South Africa came from america so they like meat thats why they mostly like barbique.

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Pacino Lin


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