Art Robot Adam

Our group made a robot that makes art, its called salad fingers because there is a huge green hand that slaps paint on a piece of paper

This was our first idea and it was kind of like the dream plan, but in the end we realized that it was too complicated and so we used keys on the computer to activate the hand instead of a spoon

Changing the prototype helped us get closer to the goal because since it was less complicated it was easier to make

Our thinking changed through out the project because we were running low on time we decided to simplify it and so our thinking changed from being complicated to simple

I not only think my design skills improved, but I think my patience improved as well, because this was probably the longest design project I've ever done

This is Mckayla and Madison's project, and they're project was similar because they were also using an arm to splat paint on paper, and I learned from them how to code the moving arm

I think our invention is a success because it worked and it pretty much met all the criteria to making the robot

I think another idea with sensors and motors could be making a toy car with paint on its wheels

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