RAZORBACK Dev, alex, lockie

How did we plan how to make the monster:

This is the image of how we did it:

Then we planned how we used it in the storyline.

So what happens is that Razor Back and Dead Lock are in war against robot rob armies. Razorback and DeadLock got to the power source but robot robs armie is at the power source, so Razorback uses his laser eye to destroy the armies and get to the power source. So when Razorback and Deadlock stole the power source they destroyed it to bring peace to ROBO LAND!!!.

These is what we are going to use for building our lego animatronic:

Comparing/ Analysis

My comparing

So my team compared Hitlers personality and entity 303 (minecraft player), by comparing them we came up with the personalities that matches in both of the characters, that gave us an idea to make a robot out of there personalities combined.

My Analysis

While doing our assignments we were able to do stockpiling with legos, that can help us with us making the robot, so each little piece were able to make us identify what we are going to do with it and how we are going to use to make a robot.

Progress of making our robot

We are now planning to make our robot because it is time for my journal to come to an end.

Some more photos of our progress:

Describing a monster: a monster is a scary creature which brings really strong emotional to a person, it even gives nightmares to one that are scared of it and to imagine a monster can be even scarier to a human being, like its rotting , long nails, sharp teeth for it prey and the hairy body and face which can be more of a discomfort than being scared.

Photos of our project

What changes have we made: We have made a face for the robot:

We have made a coding for the robot for it to move and impress people.

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