Few professional stadiums embody the spirit of their primary tenant more than US Bank Stadium. From its jutting ship’s-prow exterior presence to its and innovative solutions to challenges posed by the northern Midwest fall and winter. In purple seating, the home of the Minnesota Vikings wowed judges with its unique forms addition to abundant exterior glass, the stadium is roofed with transparent ETFE panels that allow natural daylight into the interior while keeping snow at bay.

One judge commented, “I applaud the in-depth study on the form and massing that maximized southern exposures, addressing issues such as snow melting and snow storage — musts in the harsh Minneapolis climate,” while another added, “Beyond the aesthetics, I applaud the transparency into and out of the complex, truly embracing its urban setting.”


HKS Inc.

Dallas, Texas


Lawal Scott Erickson Architects Inc.

Minneapolis, Minn.

COST: $1.1 billion


MAJOR FACILITY COMPONENTS: 137,000-square-foot stadium floor, transparent ETFE roof, world’s largest pivoting glass doors, 9,300 club seats, six club spaces

“Monumental, striking and memorable. The sheer scale of this powerful abstract Viking form is impressive and bigger than life. Hard not to be consumed by all this facility has to

Troy Sherrard

“Dramatic design derived from a concept connecting the history of the Vikings and Nordic design to a bold and aggressive modern facility.”

Kalman Nagy

“Creative seating bowl and long-span solution. I appreciate the fresh approach to the building type. A bold form that derives from the local climate and Viking precedents.”

Stephen Sefton

A word from the 2017 Facilities of Merit judges.

Created By
Athletic Business


Photos by Joe Aker/Aker Photography & Corey Gaffer and Nicole Bell. Video by Sean Ray.

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