2018 MAPP Annual report Year in review

2018 Year in Review

"Our team always has and will continue to work hard to meet the growing needs of plastics processors across the United States."

First and foremost, I would like to extend gratitude for making 2018 another record-breaking year for the organization! This year was the most robust year in MAPP’s 21-year history, marked by the largest 12-month growth rate since the organization’s 1997 inception. This year 60 plastics organizations joined MAPP, and were located across the country, from California to Connecticut. MAPP also realized the highest member retention rate of 93%, an indicator of overall customer satisfaction.

When reflecting on the success of the organization in 2018, we are working hard to meet the growing needs of the executives in the MAPP network. Over the last 18 months, the MAPP staff has significantly improved the quality of the benchmarking information we provide to our members, invested heavily in a new website presence that helps our members connect to solve problems, and continue working to unite different peer groups to expedite learning and facilitate sharing of best practices. Thank you to all our members that take time to invest in themselves, in their teams, in their companies and in MAPP!


Troy Nix, Executive Director


MAPP’s mission is to enable leaders within the plastics industry to achieve new levels of success.



We are united in the belief that American plastics companies can compete and win if we help each other understand today’s best practices


We are driven to provide cutting edge resources and paradigm shifting information to significantly strengthen our members


We are duty-bound to connect plastics professionals for the purpose of promoting mutually beneficial knowledge sharing that propagates success and impacts industry sustainability.



2018 MAPP Board of Directors

  • Board President - Norm Forest, Dymotek
  • Immediate Past-President - Ben Harp, Polymer Conversions Inc.
  • Co-Vice President - Tim Capps, Par 4 Plastics
  • Co-Vice President & Board Treasurer - Ryan Richey, Precision Plastics Inc.
  • Secretary - Alan Rothenbuecher, Benesch
  • Mike Benson, Stout
  • Brendan Cahill, PTG Silicones
  • Craig Carrel, Team 1 Plastics
  • Glen Fish, Revere Plastics Systems LLC
  • Chris Gedwed, Cosmetic Specialties International
  • Jim Krause, Microplastics Inc.
  • Bob MacIntosh - Nicolet Plastics LLC
  • Tom Nagler, Natech Plastics Inc.
  • Samir Patel, Midwest Molding Inc.
  • Missy Rogers, Noble Plastics
  • Stacy Shelly, AMCO Polymers
  • Chuck Sholtis, Plastic Molding Technology (PMT)
  • Thomas Tredway, Erie Molded Plastics Inc.

2018 MAPP Membership


  • Annual Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference
  • Networking Opportunities/Connecting with Industry Peers
  • Cost-Reduction Programs (Training, Resin & ERP Systems,
  • Grainger MRO discounts
  • Benchmarking Opportunities
  • Members’ Forum (Networking, Problem Solving, Emergency Alert System)
"My company belongs to MAPP for one reason...it pays! Last year alone, my company realized 5 figure savings by using MAPP's purchasing leverage. But more importantly, we used MAPP's Technical Training to significantly improve the skill sets of our employees. With all of this said, I still gained even more through the networking contacts I made and with the insight my management team has gained by using MAPP's plastics benchmarking information and improvement programs."

2018 MAPP Events by the Numbers

1,631 Professionals

Individual participants in 2018 MAPP events

4 Plant Tours

In four world class facilities, across four states

I really enjoy the plant tours themselves. I enjoy seeing another facility, the networking and the 1-on-1 time I get with the specific employees after the tour!

20 Unique Virtual Sessions

For peer-to-peer networking, including senior executives, sales, human resources, engineering and IQMS virtual roundtables

18 Educational Webinars

Hosted by industry experts, sharing important industry information; such as tariffs, Prop 65, Drugs in the Workplace and supplier agreements

1 Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Summit

Bringing together nearly 100 industry safety professionals to benchmark best practices, learn about new standards and trends and safety and hear from leaders in industry EHS

I always attend the summit without really knowing what I am there to focus on. 100% of the time I leave excited to share what I did take away from the summit with our company. That is a product of a smoothly ran summit and great speakers. Sometimes you do not know what you are looking for until you find it. That is what the ARPM Summit provides me with.

1 Record-Breaking Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference

The 16th annual Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference set the record for MAPP events with the most attendees, breakouts and speakers in the events' history

Save the date for the 2019 Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference: October 2-4, 2019 in Indianapolis, IN!

2018 Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference

"It is amazing how this conference continues to be so inspirational and motivational year after year. It is a gathering of a fantastic group of people who get together and truly collaborate. I look forward to this conference every year and it always exceeds expectations."

600 Conference Attendees

82 Speakers

33 Breakout Sessions

4 Keynotes

3 Pre-conference Sessions

2 Days

1 record-breaking year!

2018 MAPP Best Practices Awards

MAPP's Best Practices Awards seek to recognize member companies who share innovative, creative or effective best practices across important areas of their operations. This year's awards included sharing best practices in safety, defect detection and MAPP's annual Educational Outreach Award.

One great aspect of the Awards process is that it motivated us as a team to take an idea and run with it in a way that we might not otherwise have done, with the result that the creative juices really flowed and our program will be that much more effective, regardless of the outcome of the Award.
Meaningful, Game-Changing Connections

MAPP connects a community of experienced industry peers and provides unparalleled opportunities for professional growth, networking and problem-solving.

Connecting plastics professionals in is MAPP's DNA. When a member is in need of assistance, the entire MAPP community rallies to provide the support requested. On average, MAPP's team, board of directors and membership responds to SIX requests for help each week.

MAPP's Young Professionals Network was formed in July of 2017 and is dedicated to bringing together the innovative, creative and dedicated young professionals from across all MAPP member companies. The Young Professionals Network provides ideal opportunities for up-and-coming industry leaders to create a strong professional network.

MAPP Young Professionals Network

The MAPP YP Network hosts events year-round that are exclusively for young professionals in the plastics industry. Events focus on networking, leadership skills, benchmarking and creating important, lasting connections in the MAPP association. Membership is open to any young professional from a MAPP member organization.

2018 MAPP Benchmarking Reports

MAPP prides itself on being the information hub for the plastics industry. The team at MAPP is consistently collecting, analyzing and reporting on the data and information that is important for plastics companies to make well-informed decisions.

Benchmarking publications published in 2018 include:

  • 2018 State of the Plastics Industry
  • Mold and Machine Maintenance Report
  • Drugs in the Workplace Report
  • Marketing for Plastic Manufacturers Report
  • 2018 North American Plastics Industry Study
  • 2018 Wage and Salary Report
  • Value-Added Services Report

2018 Dedicated MAPP Sponsors

MAPP is grateful for the continued support of each sponsor organization. These organizations represent top industry service providers and show an unparalleled commitment to bettering the plastics industry. MAPP values the contributions of its corporate sponsors and works to help build relationships between those needing help and those offering solutions. Please join us in thanking the following organizations for their support:

  • Absolute Robot
  • AMCO Polymers
  • Americhem Engineered Compounds
  • Asaclean - Sun Plastech
  • Aurora Plastics
  • Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff
  • Carbon 3D
  • Chase Plastic Srevices
  • Chem-Trend LP
  • Colors for Plastics Inc.
  • Conair
  • Constellation
  • Creative Technology Corporation
  • Crestcom
  • Federated Insurance
  • Foster Corporation
  • Frigel
  • Grainger
  • Harbour Results
  • Ice Miller LLP
  • iD Additives
  • INCOE Corporation
  • IQMS
  • JSW America
  • M. Holland Corporation
  • MBS Advisors
  • Molding Professionals LLC
  • Mueller Prost PC
  • PartnerShip
  • Paulson Training Programs
  • Plante Moran
  • PolySource LLC
  • Power Kiosk
  • Precise Plastic Testing
  • Precision Color Compounds
  • Progressive Components
  • Protocam
  • Resin Technology Inc.
  • RJG Inc.
  • Routsis Training
  • RTP Company
  • Sigma Plastic Services
  • Stout
  • Synventive Molding Solutions
  • SYSCON - PlantStar
  • Teel Analytical Laboratories
  • Vive LLC
  • Wittmann Battenfeld
  • Yushin America Inc.

Sponsor Cost-Reduction Programs

MAPP sponsors not only support MAPP and MAPP members, but also offer exclusive cost-savings opportunities for member organizations. Each year participation in cost-reduction programs grows!

Looking Forward into 2019

Together Everyone Achieves More

While 2018 was an exciting and record-breaking year for the MAPP organization in many ways, the MAPP team and board of directors is excited to look ahead into 2019 and beyond. In 2019 MAPP is looking to add:

  • More cost-reduction programs
  • More value for members
  • More networking opportunities
  • More specialized content
  • More impact to the member organizations

As a MAPP member, in 2019 you can expect to see:

  • The introduction of a new healthcare initiatives for member companies
  • New events, focused on specific areas of improvement for members
  • Three plant tour events at member company locations
  • Five events targeted at MAPP's Young Professionals Network
  • Additional educational webinars, cost-reduction programs in new categories and additional peer networking opportunities.
  • The 17th Annual Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference, October 2-4 in Indianapolis, IN

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