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My project is on Benin. Benin is located in West Africa. Benin population is 10.32 million people. I hope you enjoy my virtual tour of Benin.

This video will show you what Benin is like and how people live there.

Location is a partícular place or position

Benin relative location is in West Africa by Togo.

This is the cathedral building in Benin. It was founded in the 19th century.
This is the fish farm in Porto-Novo.

Capital of Benin is Porto-Novo.

This is the Museum Bombero.

The exact location of Porto-Novo is 6.4969 'N and 2.6289 ' E

The Musée Ethnographique is a place where you can see Yoruba masks, musical instruments and costumes.
This is a picture of what Benin looks like. It's very crowded and lots of poor people.

The continent Benin is located on is Africa.

This is Mt. Sokbaro and it borders Benin and Togo.

Benin's highest point is Mt. Sokbaro, which rises 2,158 ft. (658 m). From the mountainous northwest, the land slopes down into a broad plain and on to the Niger River valley of the far northeast.

This person is in Benin and is getting the coconuts because it's a sunny day.
This picture is showing a graph of when what months are rainy and then what months are dry.

In Benin, the climate is hot and humid. The annual rainfall is 1360mm. Benin has two rainy seasons and two dry seasons.

The present work studies climate variabilities and theirs incidences on the agricultural production.

This video is showing how the climate is effecting the crops.

This picture is showing the countries that border Benin.

The countries that border Benin are Togo, Nigeria, and Niger.

The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest of the world's oceans with a total area of about 106,460,000 square kilometres. It covers approximately 20 percent of the Earth's surface and about 29 percent of its water surface area.

The bodies of water that is by Benin is the Atlantic Ocean.

Lake Nokoué is a lake in the southern part of Benin. It is 20 km wide and 11 km long.

Place is human and physical characteristics.

This picture is showing two people looking for natural resources.
Benin 2001, Perma gold mine. Children smashing limestone containing gold.
This is a petroleum tank exploding in Benin burning three houses, six cars and injuring many people, but report did not disclose if any life was lost in the inferno.
This is the Benin Timber market getting burned down. Timber and machines worth millions of naira were destroyed in the fire.
This map is showing where you can find natural resources.

Some natural resources that are found in Benin is small offshore oil deposits, limestone, marble, timber, and petroleum.

Some cultural groups that are found in Benin are Yoruba, Fon, Bariba, Somba, Aja, and many more.

Yoruba people- an ethnic group of Southwestern and North Central Nigeria as well as Southern and Central Benin, together known as Yorubaland.

This is a person from the Yoruba tribe.

Fon people- are a major West African ethnic and linguistic group.

This is what Fon people look like. They wear colorful clothes.

Bariba people- are the principal inhabitants of Borgou Department, Benin, and cofounders of the Borgu kingdom of what is now northeast Benin.

Bariba culture is very large. The population of Bariba is 725,000 people in Benin.
This is the Aja group with about 478,800 members, including approximately 360,000 in Benin. Many more live in Togo (as of 1993).
This pie graph is showing in Benin what religions are most to least popular.

In Benin the the religion is about 30% of the population are nominally Christian, with a majority belonging to the Roman Catholic church. Other denominations include Methodists, Baptist, Assembly of God, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Voodoo.

This video will explain what Voodoo is and how they celebrate it.

This is a picture of people next to there preacher after graduating Benin bible school.

The holidays that are important in Benin are New Years, Prophets birthday, and Independence Day.

New Years- January 1. New Year’s tends to be a bigger affair than Christmas in Benin. People will generally gather together with family and friends to cook a big meal, eat and drink and tell stories for hours on end.

This photo is showing the kids making masks for the New Years celebration.

Prophets Birthday- It’s a celebration surrounding the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. Mawlid is celebrated in most Muslim countries as well as countries where there is a large Muslim. Many people pray throughout the day.

Independence Day- August 1. This day commemorates Benin’s independence from France in 1960. The entire country e celebrates, with decorations and music everywhere. The flag is hung from businesses and homes, the national anthem is sung,

This video will show you haw people in Benin celebrate Independence Day.

This photo is showing the celebration of independence with the colors of the flag.

The traditional dress for Beninese men is loose, long and is having boubou style cotton shirts over pants. In the formal versions, the embroidered boubou is also becoming popular with both men and women.

This is what the people in Benin wear.

The type of government that Benin has is a Republic. Rule by a form of government in which the people, or some significant portion of them, have supreme control over the government and where offices of state are elected or chosen by elected people.

Interesting facts about Benin government:

1. Benin was the first African country to successfully complete the transition from dictatorship to a pluralistic political system.

2. Declared mentally and physically fit by three doctors.

3. The Beninese government is a Republic with 83 members in its legislature.

Human-Enviroment Interaction is the relationship between people and their environment.

The types of crops that are grown in Benin are beans, yams, corn, maize, sorghum, millet.

Millets are a group of highly variable small-seeded grasses
Sorghum is a genus of flowering plants in the grass family Poaceae
This is what maize is. It's also known as corn.

The type of jobs Benin has are merchants, bankers, baker, fisherman, slave dealers, barbers, and Inn keepers.

A young boy getting fish to sell to get food and other necessities.
This bar graph is showing the unemployment rate is going up by a lot.
Started the Cashew Project in Tourou, Benin

Environmental problems that exist in Benin are inadequate supplies of potable water; poaching threatens wildlife populations; deforestation; desertification and pollution.

Solutions that have been offered is to watch where you put your trash, don't cut down so many trees, don't kill so many animals because you need food.

This video will show you how African Elephants are endangered.

African Elephants are going extinct due to poaching for their tusks, which are sold on the black market.

There are a lot of endangered species in Benin. Some of the endangered species are African Elephant, African Lion, African Gray Parrot, African Mahogany, Afzelia and many more.

African Lions Are Now Considered An Endangered Species but the petition to include lions under the protection of the Endangered Species Act.

These animals are endangered because lost of habitat, over hunting, climate change, and pollution.

This is African Mahogany. African Mahogany is a type of wood that is straight grained, with a reddish brown timber.

Region is an area of land that has common features.

Population in Benin- 10.32 million

Population density- 96.49 (2015)

Area in square miles- 44,310 mi²

Per capital GDP- 804.69 USD (2013)

Literacy rate- 42.2%

Life expectancy for males- 59.12 years

Life expectancy for females- 59.12 years

Climate region in Benin is tropical, hot, humid in the south and semiarid in the north. Benin is the tropical zone.

The type of education system that occurs in Benin is: Primary school- 6 years, Junior high- 4 years, and Senior high- 3 years, Bachelor's degree- 3 years, and Masters degree- 4 years.

This is the size of an average classroom in Benin.
This is a group of people graduating Bible school.
Students gather outside a PNDCC school in Benin.

Movement is moving things like people and goods

This bar graph represents the amount of imported and exported goods in Benin,
Imported and exported goods in Benin and there percent.

Goods that are imported from Benin are palm oil, cars, meat, and capital goods.

Goods that are exported from Benin are cotton, cashews, sheabutter, and textiles.

Cashews are one of the most popular exported goods in Benin.
Cars are really popular imported goods in Benin.

Imported Drozen poultry goods worth millions of Naria destroyed in Benin.

This is what Benin flag looks like.

The national flag of Benin is a flag is two horizontal yellow and red bands on the fly side and a green vertical band at the hoist. The flag was adopted on November 16, 1959. The green flag remained in place until 1990, when economic problems and the weakening of the Soviet Union's power due to the Revolutions of 1989 culminated in the collapse of the People's Republic of Benin.

The country gained its independence from France in 1960. Before they gained independence, the area that is now the Republic of Benin was divided largely between two coastal kingdoms, Dahomey and Porto-Novo, and a large area of various tribes in the north.

The technology that is used in Benin are phones, internet, phone towers.

The University of Science and Technology of Benin is a private university in West Africa, the headquarters are located in the district of Kpondéhou in Cotonou.
Benin is the fourth country in Africa to have 4LTE.
Progress of the Soybean Milk processing technology project of Benin.

A tank ramas into a commercial bus.

This is what a train looks like in Benin.

There are many popular modes of transportation. Some are cars, bus, taxi, train, and airplanes.

Popular ways to commipunicate in Benin are Skype, phone but pay minutes if you don't have a lot of money.

This is what a taxi in Benin looks like.
Benin Air Force.

Current Events

Five west African countries ban 'dirty diesel' from Europe. Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana and Ivory Coast to block imports from oil companies and traders of diesel with sulphur levels many times European limit. Allowing traders and companies accomplish weak standards to export cheap, dirty fuels in a process that Public Eye said was maximising profits at the expense of African’s health.

Article I found information from.
This is a photo of all the cars in traffic with the 'dirty fuel'.

Ban on vehicle imported increases unemployment rate.

Article I found information from.
These are all the cars that got ban from importing to other countries.

This video is about how Europe is giving African countries.

Travel Brochure

Benin is a good vacation if you want to go visit historical places. The weather in Benin is really good too if you would like to go to the beach like Cotonou beach, Ouidah beach, Gran Popo beach.

Top 10 largest cities and Towns in Benin.

This is Cotonou beach. This beach is located in Cotonou, Benin.
The Pendjari National Park has the largest population of elephants in West Africa.
They picked the name after Barack Obama became president.
The Royal Palace of Abomey is a tourist site you must come and see!

Life of a High School Resident

Teenagers in Benin go to school like everyone else in the world does. Most teenagers have after school jobs like helping there parents and working at farms to grow crops. Many teens will help around the house. A lot of teens in Benin like to hum to music. Also teen in Benin go to church school.

Teenagers in Benin at church school.
Benin teenagers dancing at a concert.
Talk show on the impact of the Teens Ministry.
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Daisy Johnson


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