Mouse by Drew taylor

Mice are little rodents. They live in burrows and nests. There are many different types of species of mouse. Did you know that in ancient greece, the god Apollo was sometimes called Apollo smintheus,which means Apollo the mouse. To honor him, white mice were kept in Apollo’s temples under the altar. Mice are omnivores. They eat grains,fruit,cheese and more. In a mouse’s family it can conclude voles,musks,

Rats,hamsters,bats,and gerbils. some mouse’s predators

Are snake,cat,owl,fox,skunk, and hawk and more. To protect the mouse from its predators it has to run away fast or borrow underground. Mice can live together or by there self. A fact about mice are that there tails can grow the same length as the mouse’s body. And a mouse eats 15-20 times a day. Therefore they usually build their homes close to food sources,tending to only travel up to 8 miles from their homes(burrows)to find food. Another fun fact about mice are that mice have a pointed snout, small rounded ears, and a long almost hairless tail. So now you know more about these little rodents called mice.


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