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Lesson 1 : Playground Basics

In this lesson I basically learnt the basic structure of the playground of Xcode, which are: The code, which change color according the type of code is the details of the edition, the preview of the code that you do, which is located at the right side of the window, and a situational tool that is the error one which is represented by a red exclamation mark.

Nowadays there are a lot of apps rounding in the app store that are becoming so popular, and the reason is that some apps solve some simple, but empathic problems in the everyday life, and some popular apps are:

  • Facebook: the purpose of this app its to continue in contact with your friends even if you are not beside them, I downloaded this app for its purpose and because some teachers upload homework there, they don't accomplish any need, it just entertain people
  • Youtube: this app is not useful at all, its purpose is to entertain people with some videos that other users of the same app upload, I downloaded it because some users upload very useful and entertaining content to their channels
  • Uber: this app is very useful, is a taxi service but with more security, more fair, and with better cars, this app satisfies the necessity of transport, I downloaded because this necessity is very important to move to other places
  • Clash Royale: this app is a game, is the only game I play, this game is very entertaining and is good time-killer of 15 min
  • Excelsior: this app is a digital form of the newspaper Excelsior, I downloaded it to keep myself informed about what is happening in the world

Lesson 2: Naming and identifiers

In this lesson I basically learn how to name each variable and the importance of coding and their easiness that this implies


  • health app that counts the calories of your meals
  • Health app that has premade exercises in order that you can make your program
  • Transportation app that says if theres an accident in the avenue and gives you approximate time
  • Workout timer
  • Rewinder of taking something like a medicine or something like that

Lesson 3: Strings

in this lesson I learnt how to write complete sentences, with a series of symbols, like the slash, the parentheses, summing it with another frase and assigning variables

Ideas for my app

i want to make a health app so the users that might like my app are

• People that cannot afford a nutriologist in his office

• Adolescents

• Basically people that want to improve their body


Lesson 4: Hello, World!!!!!!!!

Here I learned what is User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), both are linked, user interface is the facility to use an app that is in the app store, the use of the app is clear and specific and the interaction with the app is good, and the user experience is that the app is very enjoyable for the one who downloads it

What makes a good UI is that the instructions are clear, the app is easy to use and you have a very enjoyable experience while using it

What makes a bad one is that the app is not clear, difficult to use, not very specific and the experience is not enjoyable enough

List of apps by UI

  1. Youtube: its a pretty simple app, that has four very clear sections
  2. Uber: their sections and the way of requesting a taxi is simple and the workers treat you very well
  3. Excelsior: Its very simple but has some very serious bugs at the time of scrolling down
  4. Facebook: has a good interface and experience, but it is too simple and I don't like the fact that in order to chat you need to forcibly install another app
  5. Clash Royale: the interface is well designed, but you need to get experience by losing some games


Lesson 5: First app

returning to ideas list and contrasting the disadvantages :

  • Calorie counter: that sometimes this is not very accurate, and it is too difficult to program
  • premade exercises: that people might do bad the technique the exercises and just can hurt themselves or they accommodate bad the exercises
  • workout timer: that people might not respect this timer


Lesson 6: Functions

My app will provide people a personal "nutriologist" that will guide them to obtain the body that they want depending on their age, because nowadays people is getting more obese and some people know it and want to improve but they don't know how


Lesson 7: Boogie bot

In this lesson I learnt how to make a repetitive algorithm and to save it as a gif

I do not aspire to much on doing a-state-of-the-art-app, but I think is to interesting and I don't know why it sounds funny

Link to GIF on ImageShack

Functions used in the gif

lesson 8: constants and variables

  • monitoring the meal
  • Exercise saver
  • monitor the habits of the patient
  • monitor the hours of sleep
  • monitor hours of exercise
  • monitor hours of rest
  • program maker
  • diet maker
  • your section
  • your feed


lesson 9: TYPes

This app is special, I have searched in the app store for this type of app and they don't exist, the thing that is more similar in the app store are calorie counter and display of some combinations


Lesson 10

A well designed app is an app that the navigation is clear, that all the text is legible, that has good transitions, and that all the sections are well organized

Lesson 11

with my app people will now be interested to do exercise because its availability, and the app will be practical and the method of doing exercise is very easy to achieve

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