Poetry By Jayce cox

Who am I
I am Loving
I am quiet, caring and helpfull
I am determinate, hardworking and competitive.
I am intelligent
I am fast and skinny
I am tall, and long haired.
I am brown eyed.
I am swift
I am me
Terms to know
Metaphors-a huge over exaggeration. Ex. I'm so hungry I can eat a horse, or two.
Simile- saying two unlike things are the same, using like or as. Ex. In church I was as quiet as a mouse
Metaphor-saying two unlike things are the same without using like or as. Ex I'm a fish out of water.
Personification-givin inanimate or inhuman things human qualities Ex the leaves on the tree seemed to dance in the wind, possessing a form of grace I have never seen.
Next-simile examples we actually used.
Those track runners were as fast as photons
Thanksgiving is like a vacuum, it kind of sucks
Carp is as tough as a rhino
Let's open some doors, and look at meaning found in poems.
"But the Tigers come at night, their voices soft as thunder,as they tear your hope apart,as they turn your dream to shame". This small phrase from "I dreamed a dream" hints that there are influences that will make your hopes disappear, there's people who don't want you to succeed
The phrase "it's me against the world" shows that there are many people who will stand against you You've got to find your own way sometimes
Notorious big-juicy. "No wonder why Christmas missed us" people who have little wealth should not be forgotten. People don't have it as easy as you, yet it can all become better.
Talib Kweli - for women" they'll have to give up being a part of themselves to survive" this line said that those women in slavery had to either force themselves to do what they didn't want to or die. Nowadays it hints that people will change you and sometimes in order to live in society you've gotta forget or change a part of yourself. But at what cost?
Bob Dylan-let me die in my footsteps. This whole poem basically says"before I go let me do as much as possible". This is hinted at the repeated phrases " let me die in my footsteps, before I go under ground"
Dylan Thomas-do not go gentle into that good night. This poem hints that you should "rage against the dying of the light" you should do something that makes people remember you and you should leave your mark on the world before you go.
A haiku as a Chinese poem with thre lines. The first line has 5 syllables, the second has seven and the third has five.
My example. From fish in the ponds
And to Eagles in the skies
Hidden wonders roam
More terms to know
Slang. Slang words are words used to replace another. Ex-cool means cold-ish and is also similar to awesome. Sick is fever or illness yet can be used a "cool"
Imagery-words used to give you an idea of how something is. Ex-the melting chocolate was slowly pouring over the warm cake.
Now, something for fun.
Epitaphs-the words written on tombstones.
Here Is mine.
That's all!
Created By
Jayce Cox

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