Kyle Ridgeway Physical Therapist

Connecting work and making the most of physical therapy! Background:

Kyle Ridgeway has a wide array of interests lining up with his medical passion that sprouted within him at a young age. He has become well known through social media platforms, his contrbutions to blogs, and his critical appraisal of research and clinical practice. Being that Ridgeway is a physical therapist, he should know about many obstacles that people with muscle damage face, correct?

Well. Yes. I would agree with that posed question.

Okay, good. Just to prove to those curious about who, in fact, Kyle Ridgeway is.. Here are a list of his publications:

Well, no, not quite.. Isn't the world of Physical Therapy interesting?! I mean, ladies and gentlemen, what could be more exciting than the publications of Kyle Ridgeway himself?

Now that you're educated on some publications and efforts of the great Kyle Ridgeway, I'm sure you're dying to know what he is currently working on?

So it's like that fam? It's really like that? Whatever. I still must inform the people.

Currently Ridgeway is a senior physical therapist at The University of Colorado Hospital practicing in the medical ICU, medical-surgical progressive care unit, cardiac ICU, and cardiac progressive care unit. Leading up to this major roll in his life he practiced with many different clinical settings such as; private outpatient clinics, long term acute care hospitals, and even a large university teaching hospital.


You've got to love Will Ferrel.. Yet, back to the main event.. KYLE RIDGEWAY.
What different types of clinial experience has Ridgeway excelled in you might ask? Listed as follows; Outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation, Acute in-patient including intensive care, Long term acute care, General outpatient orthopaedics including pain, sports rehabilitation, injury prevention, and sports performance.

Ridgeway believes that coming back and healing is available to all of those people who have suffered different muscle disasters, and through his works and efforts he's making it possible for one person at a time.


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