Duppy and the magic gem Alessandro reale

One beautiful sunny day dumpy was looking for food for his family and he tripped upon a red bloody coloured gem the colour of his wife's dress

"what a pretty little gem!"said Duppy "don't call me pretty little gem"replied the gem

"how should I call you?"asked Duppy.

"call me see the fear of your nightmares"

With a loud voice Duppy said the magic words and immediately the gem gave him huge bat wings giant fangs bloody red glowing eyes.Duppy couldn't believe his eyes.he didn't want to tell anyone because he wanted to keep all the power to himself.Duppy was about to wash the gem but he stopped because the game shouted"no!no!you must never wash me!ill just break!"

After a couple of weeks La diablessenotices that her husband has been getting scarier.so one day she decided to follow her husband into the forest sho she waits until he leaves and grabs it.herself and her kids say the magic words and they become scary disgusting creatures.so la diablesse washed the gem in lava but it breaks.Duppy knew and he was raving and raging threw the forest until he stumbled upon a magic whip."what a pretty big whip!"said Duppy "don't you dare call me a pretty big whip"replied the whip"how should I call you?"asked Duppy"call me poor little Duppy"and La diablesse stepped out and gave Duppy a good beating.



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