The Florida Museum Zachary jones

Nature on Display:

The butterfly exhibit at the Florida Museum brings you about as close as possible to experience a tropical rainforest in North Florida. The enormous size of the enclosure, as well as the huge number of butterflies present made this my favorite part of the museum. I had never been able to really study the flight of butterflies before, but watching them fly throughout the space was sort of hypnotic to me. The peace and tranquility of the butterfly exhibit is what I found most appealing.

Nature and the Human Spirit:

The fossil exhibit really helped me appreciate the majesty of the natural world. Seeing all of the huge animals who used to walk the Earth helped to put in perspective the insignificance of human civilization. We are merely a tiny chapter in the history of the planet. It's mind-blowing to think that huge sloths and tiny horses once inhabited the same land that is now cities and towns. The diversity of life and the many strange extinct animals present in this exhibit show how mysterious the natural world really is.

Nature and Ethics:

The section of the museum featuring native civilizations of Florida reminded me of Leopold's call to "love, respect and admire the land." The displays of the Calusa tribe made me wonder what it would've been like to live in Florida before the arrival of Europeans. I sensed that there would've been a deep connection between people and nature back then. The Calusa relied on nature for nearly every aspect of their life, from their food to their houses. The museum really allowed you to imagine what it would be like to live with the Calusas. The mannequins of the chief and other tribe leaders in the house of the chief was an amazing display, as were the rooms which are painted to look like wide open wetlands. My trip to the museum instilled a desire in me to live more connected to nature.
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