Hate crimes in California Hayden Cohn

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In California, all hate crimes are met with severe punishment, however this does not stop these hate crimes from being committed. People in California are more open than in other places to all sorts of people, however there are still unfortunately still those who don’t believe these people should exist. Now while it is ok for people to believe that, the select few that choose to do something about it, commit a crime against those people for their own belief, are classified as people who promote hate crimes. The result, California passed Penal Code 422.55 PC, which will deal out severe punishment against people who threaten, harm, or otherwise harass someone because of either gender, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.


1. What is a hate crime? A hate crime is a crime against a certain person for being different.

2. Why do hate crimes exist? Because people cannot accept that others are different.

3. How far can a hate crime be taken? Hate crimes can be taken all the way to murder or torture

4. Are there laws in place to prevent hate crimes? Yes.

5. Do hate crimes count as terrorism? No, but many see hate crimes as acts of terror.

6. How common/rare is a hate crime? Hate crimes are seen in everyday life many times.

7. Is there anything that can be done about hate crimes? No, just be better then the people causing them.

8. Who are the people that do these hate crimes? They can be average everyday people.

9. In comparison to the past, are hate crimes more or less common? Now that Trump is the president, hate crimes are more and more common.

10. Are there events that cause hate crimes to become more common? Yes

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