Minutes 2.13 Secretary, Regan Cobb

Convocation given by Senator Crosland.

Roll taken by Secretary Cobb.

Senators Altschuler, McDowell, Daniels, Keating, Hines, Richard, Reid, and McCormick found absent.

Trauma Kits

  • Emma Hume and Trevor Newton
  • RS: What does the replacement cost?
  • EH: EMS will take over fundraising. The replacement cost is very affordable.
  • IK: Will it also be included in the football fields and baseball fields?
  • TN: They don’t quite need it like we need it.
  • LD: What does the number 68 come from?
  • TN: We counted installation costs.
  • MH: Do you know how significant the discount is?
  • EH: The discount is built in. The discount is thousands of dollars.
  • JH: Have you reached out to premed organizations?
  • EH: We haven’t. We have been focusing on administration first.
  • MR: Do you know where the kits will be?
  • EH: Anywhere you will have the highest traffic at first.

Cannon Project

  • Karl Bossard and Chase McCathern
  • MR: Have you considered bricking the pathway?
  • CM: Maybe in the future we can look into that.
  • BB: If you had to choose a project to fund, which would you pick?
  • MC: The plaque itself.


  • Landon Miller and August Kibler
  • IK: Are they road or mountain bike?
  • LD: Road bike
  • IK: Will these bikes be able to go off campus?
  • LD: The intent is to keep it on campus.
  • BB: How do we have rights to these stations?
  • DH: We are looking to grow these nationally.

Marimba Project

  • Dillon Holzheimer and Greg Freeman
  • IK: Are there any other funds?
  • PB: No. There are smaller funds, but none this large.
  • MM: If we were to fund one of the other which would you chose?
  • GF: The Marimba because it is stationary.
  • MM: If we partially fund the Marimba what will you do?
  • DH: We have the Mode Marimba option.
  • MM: Cheap Marimba or nothing?
  • PB: Cheap Marimba
  • MH: Is the shipping cost included?
  • PB: It would go down 400-500 dollars.
  • KS: How long would these instruments last?
  • GF: They could last as long as we need them.
  • BS: If we were fund the mode marimba would you come back for the rose wood Marimba?
  • GF: It would be sufficient, but the quality would not be.
  • BB: What led to asking for these two instruments?
  • DH: These are the most expensive. There is very little budget for these types of purchases.
  • MM: Motion to extend the Q&A period to two minutes?
  • LW: Is the recognized student organization?
  • PB: No.
  • LW: Would these instruments be open to all students?
  • PB: Students taking lessons, in the program, and Tri County.
  • LW: Would it be through classes?
  • PB: Yes.

Developmental Soccer Program

  • Jonathan Hooper
  • MM: What does the sustainability of this project?
  • JH: The Grad Assistant will take over this.
  • IK: Could you get tax-free products?
  • JH: We need apply to make this happen. As of right now we need to budget set. Its something we can look at.
  • JS: Do all the teams here have these types of clothing?
  • JH: They have nicer versions.
  • MM: Motion to exhaust the speaker’s list.

Academic Affairs: Leland Dunwoodie

  • Shoutout
  • New Senators: Andrew, Olivia, Rachel, Ashley, Thomas, Jonathan, and Christian
  • Madeline and Rachel
  • Updates
  • Major/Minor Fair | Feb 13 | Hendrix | 12-2
  • Projects
  • Your Voice.
  • International Student Event
  • Interview Absence Policy
  • Open Access Resources
  • NIMS w/ Perry
  • Pre-med packet
  • DIRS
  • Sergey Mityakov | International Econ
  • Tuesday | 12:30pm | Cooper Lobby
  • Ideas for AA
  • Ideas Form
  • Contact Info
  • Leland Dunwoodie | 269-759-4768 | ldunwoo@g.clemson.edu

Athletics: Trevor Newton

  • Ticketing Updates
  • Good meeting with Joey and committee members to start the formal writing process
  • Jordan and I looking into ADA compliance issues in the stadium this Friday
  • Campus Recreation Updates
  • Fike agreed to be guinea pig for trauma kits
  • Clemson Marketing Committee
  • Calm before the Roar
  • March 1st vs. NC STATE, 8:00 P.M.
  • Going to be a white out with free t shirts for all students
  • Had a good meeting with Mike Money to discuss logistics
  • Let me know if anyone would like to help table and market for this event
  • Two heartbreakers versus Duke and Syracuse
  • 2016 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS (This will stay here every week)
  • Contact Info: Phone: (864)-508-6334
  • Email: trevorn@g.clemson.edu

Campus Life: Robert Lee Storey

  • Advertising Hard Core Hacks on Tiger Flix now.
  • We have begun reaching out to various student organizations to gauge interest in participating in multicultural dining days
  • Connecting CU SAGA and Clemson Home to discuss roommate selection process
  • Input for Campus Life? Mention it here! http://goo.gl/forms/9iOUDqvkVn

Finance and Procedures: Lindsey Wright

  • One piece of legislation:
  • Non Operational Funding
  • Miller, Rachel, and B sitting Elections Committee as liaisons from F&P
  • If you have any elections related questions, please contact me first and then Emma. Her email is emmalis@g.clemson.edu
  • Spring budget hearings: February 23, 24, 27, and 28th
  • Meeting with AJ, Nathan, + Christian
  • Meeting with Kolstad + Bryce to solidify budget for next year → SEND REQUESTS ASAP
  • John met with Peake this week and is moving forward with marketing portion of the mentor program for POSC listserv
  • Christian moving forward with meetings regarding digitizing the funding process
  • As always, hmu if you have any questions or just wanna chat (864) 421-5006 @lindseywrong

Health and Human Services: Jess Schnorr

  • Resolution supporting Peer Mental Health Support Group - proposal is currently being written for funding - so real.
  • Ability to schedule appointments online is coming soon to Redfern. Professional group is working with decision trees
  • Walk through of Honors College with Crystal on Thursday. Mirror program for Collegiate Recovery Community
  • Jacob met with Mandy Hayes and Kelly Barry about discrimination within student organizations
  • Lauren and Madison are working on a minority retention program (#YGGs)
  • Be your own valentine. It’s not a social construct. hmu: 843.619.1555 // jschnor@g.clemson.edu // @yayyjesss // snapchat me: yayyjesss // be my guardian in Clem

Transportation and Facilities: Jacob McMeekin

  • Major Projects for the Semester:
  • Bike Share Implementation
  • Capital Improvement Tonight
  • LEV Commuter Permits
  • Discussions with Dan on specifics
  • Resolution at end of February (Mando)
  • Potential Green Crescent Trail Resolution with CCD
  • Game Day Transit Options
  • Emailed Corky today to set up meeting
  • Continued Red Route Discussions
  • Meeting set for March 9th
  • Parking and Transportation:
  • Bike Share:
  • Should have finalized pricing soon
  • Helmets will be provided upon signing up but are not required
  • Looking at other incentives
  • Membership card will work in Greenville as well, but will not have first two hours free
  • Soft launch last week of March/first week of April
  • Park and Ride:
  • Both R-06 and parking at the Snow Facility will be a park and ride option for students next year. $24 for the year.
  • Bus schedules for lots have not been finalized yet
  • Questions from last week:
  • Safe Rides was running on the wrong schedule. Issue should be resolved (Thank you Catherine and Jess): http://www.clemson.edu/campus-life/parking/transit/safe-rides.html
  • R-06 route does not run on Fridays- demand is not there.
  • According to Dan there should be other parking spots available on campus
  • Facilities:
  • Long-Range framework plan Mobility Meeting on Thursday:
  • http://clemsonframeworkplan.com/assets/PedestrianizingtheCampus_FINAL.pdf
  • Join me for Coffee and Conversation every Thursday at 8:30 in All In: (803)-622-8328 // jmcmeek@g.clemson.edu // Twitter and Insta: @jcmcmeek // Snapchat: jcmmeek

University Services: Dory Askins

  • Major minors fair – Feb 15th
  • Food summit will be this semester
  • “Study Hours in the Valley” meeting coming up
  • NROTC meeting February 9th with Chief Max Allen
  • If you want to be an ambassador for NIMS, let Perry know
  • Also, for student communication, if you have any ideas, let me know

Clerk: Steven Patrick

  • If anybody is interested in running for the position of Clerk, I’d love to discuss!
  • Email: sepatri@g.clemson.edu
  • Phone: 704-369-1752

Secretary: Regan Cobb

  • After the Gavel
  • Meet the Senators
  • Capital Improvement-Thank you!
  • Run for Secretary--- It’s so fun!!!

Pro Temp: Samuel Reinert

  • Last week to buy formal tickets
  • Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s from 1-5 in the offices
  • Cash, check, or tilt
  • http://til.tt/mQ61
  • Tickets cannot be purchased after Thursday, February 16th
  • Senate Cookout March 4th

Student Body VP: Nicki Seidman

  • Recyclemania Basketball Game tomorrow night
  • Spring Scene
  • International Student Programming with Benardo Dargon
  • State of the University Address/CUSG-Wide Meeting will most likely be in mid-March
  • CUSG Banquet March 29th

President: David Gundana

  • Capital Improvement tonight! If you have questions ask your chairs (Keep chatter to a minimum)
  • Appointing new senators
  • Nominations/elections rule

Old Business

Bill No.38

To Amend The Student Handbook

Author:Lindsey Wright

MM: Motion to call bill to question

Bill Passes

New Business

Bill No.42

To Approve Senate Appointments

Author: David Gundana

LD: Suspend the rules and suspend into 2nd read

BB: Motion to call bill to question.

Bill Passes

Bill No.41

Non-Operational Funding

Authors: Molly Makos and Rachel Reinker

PB: Can you clarify Campus Outreach?

RR: This was a reimbursement.

MG: What is the money going to for Formula SAE?

MM: This is for travel.

CH: Motion to send bill back to F&P.

Resolution No.14

To Express Support for a Peer Mental Health Support Program

Authors: Anna Albert and Jess Schnorr

EH: Will Hippa be apart of the training?

JS: Yes.

CP: Can you speak about Active Minds?

AA: Active Minds are constantly doing mental health awareness events. We can reach out to them for possible funding.

GN: What kind of access would these students have?

AA: Peer support groups will be an open access program with no paperwork.

GN: Will there be training?

AA: Yes. We want to bring in a CI program.

PB: Do you have any plans for liability?

AA: The difference between this and CAPS is you put your health in their hands. We would send them over to Redfern if this wasn’t a program for them.

BB: Would you speak to the solution of stigma?

AA: We want to show them that more people are dealing with this than they think?

BB: Can you speak to the demand?

AA: We will start with a small pilot program with 3-4 peer mentors. And then from on we want to expand and diversify.

BB: What would be the requirements?

AA: We want to expand it to anyone that can be an advocate for students.

SS: Move to send resolution back to HHS.

Bill No.43

Capital Improvement Funds

Author: Regan Cobb

LD: Move to make a hostile movement.

MM: Move into 2nd read.

AC (con)

MM (pro)

MG (con)

JH (pro)

KV (con)

MR (pro)

JM (con)

LW (pro)

JC (con)

BB (pro)

NS: Motion to call amendment to question.

JL: (pro)

JL: Move to make a hostile amendment.

JC: (pro)

AA: (con)

RR: (pro)

SS: Move to make a hostile amendment.

MF: (pro)

MM: Move to call this amendment to question.

JL: (con)

LW: (pro)

JS: (con)

RR: (pro)

KS: (con)

PB: (pro)

JH: Motion to call bill to question.

Bill Passes

Roll taken by Secretary Cobb.

Senators McDowell, Daniels, Kazmier, Keating, Hines, Richard, McCormick, and DuBro found absent.

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