Part-time illustrators, full-time artists These illustrators are oftentimes limited by the assignments they're given for The Lowell — let's take a peek into their creations outside of the newsroom.

Opening illustration by Tomi Osawa

Cameron Chan:

Watercolor has always been my go-to medium because I love glazing colors, but I also love digital art because of its convenience and many possibilities.
This piece is something I’ve redrawn over and over again for fun and to track practice. This (left) is my fourth redraw, and the other (right) is my third redraw from 8th grade. The very first version I did is from fifth grade.
I didn’t spend a lot of time on this piece, but I had fun experimenting with it and love the way it turned out; it’s funky and fun.

Denis Yabut:

Watercolor is by far my favorite medium. I like how I can be loose and free with my strokes while playing with different techniques.
I usually paint whatever idea I come up with, but I will use references and experiment with the ambiance of my paintings. In this painting, I let the water guide me and played with the flow of the colors.
This third piece is very nostalgic. I painted a montage of a child inspired from my childhood to portray carefreeness and happy memories.

Elise Muchowski:

My favorite medium is paint, specifically watercolors, because you can create soft colors and the whole process is therapeutic.
This sketch portrait was inspired by a photo of a haircut I was looking at.
This last piece best conveys my personality because of the dreamy color palette. The relaxed figure makes me feel tranquil, but I used bright colors to make it seem more full of passion and warmth.

Jennifer Wong:

My favorite medium is digital, since it allows me to adjust any part of the drawing without much hassle. I can also experiment with colors, giving me the freedom to turn a piece into something much better than what I originally imagined.
I wanted to capture the feeling of isolation in school where many people experience loneliness, as well as rejection by students around them.
I’ve always been a fan of drawing flowers, hydrangeas being my favorite. I love working with blues and purples, and this reflects that well. Although this is much simpler than my other personal art, I think it turned out nicely.

Mella Bettag:

One of my favorite mediums is ink because it forces me to be more confident and creative since you are unable to erase ink.
This piece was inspired by picture books. I wanted to try to layer colors and mediums (ink, colored pencil, and watercolor) to create a more vivid image.
This picture represents my drawing style and personality well. I love depicting whimsical scenes, and love representing people in their own bubbles because I am able to create one-person stories.

Nicole Wong:

My favorite art medium is digital art because I’m able to get nice bright colors and an entire library of brushes without having to spend a fortune on supplies. It’s also easy to erase mistakes and adjust drawings.
I was inspired by fantasy stories like the Amulet comic and Adventure Time for the horned monster piece because I like how those stories have their own world where there are all sorts of different creatures.
This Scooby Doo drawing describes my personality best because it has everything I like in a drawing — fanart of shows I watch or artists I listen to, a cartoon style with very precise lineart, and warm lighting.

Tomi Osawa:

My favorite art medium is charcoal because of how expressive it is, especially when it comes to portraiture. I can make my subject’s skin and gaze look soft and whimsical or dark and contrasted, depending on how I build it.
The painting of my Jii-chan (grandpa) in my dad’s family home in Torrance is an example of how I like to use my art to honor special moments and people.
In this self-portrait, I used blue, a color typically associated with melancholy and coldness, to represent who I aspire to be: warm, serene, and powerful.