Adobe Stock Vector & Illustration Highlight winter 2018

Adobe Stock is a marketplace of over 100 million photos, videos, illustrations, templates, and 3D assets. It's deeply and natively integrated into the Creative Cloud, allowing creatives to submit and license stock assets from directly within their CC desktop applications. All of our content is sourced from talented contributors from around the world. Here are some of the incredible graphic designers, illustrators, and artists whose work is available on Adobe Stock today.

Tairygreene, otherwise known as graphic designer Michael Hinkle, is known for his unique, hand-drawn Americana aesthetic. The Las Vegas-based artist often draws inspiration from retro motorcycle graphics, with an emphasis on strong, organic lines.

It’s impossible not to feel a little jolt of joy when looking at Anastasiya Tarasyuk’s illustrations. Anastasiya, who goes by helterskelter6 on Adobe Stock, creates cheerful and stylish patterns full of color and whimsy.

Wacomka is a creative duo based in Estonia. Max is a graphic designer who created 3D and video assets, and Katrina takes care of retouching 3D work, as well as digital and mixed media illustrations. By combining their skill sets, Max and Katrina are able to produce a high-quality and diverse stock portfolio.

Maria Stezhko, known as cmwatercolors on Adobe Stock, has been painting since childhood. She chose watercolor as her medium of choice for "its beauty and inexhaustible expressive possibilities,” and also for its challenges and unpredictability. Her favorite subjects are flowers and animals, as well as food and scenes from her travels.

Robert Filip is a self-taught illustrator based in Romania. He is passionate about hand drawing and vector art, and his images often contain intricate details in color, lines, and textures. In addition to vector illustration, infographics, and character design, Robert also works with 2D animation.

Adobe Stock Contributor Skyclick's stylistic illustrations have a great sense of humor and levity. His compositions are full of expressive characters and complementary color palettes. In addition to conceptual vector work, Skyclick also specializes in poster and invitation templates.

Italian illustrator Andrea Pittori, AKA Durantelallera, draws inspiration from retro graphics and comic book art. His portfolio is full of bold, expressing, and dynamic illustrations and vectors that demand the full attention of the viewer.

Mikalai Manyshau specializes in clean vector graphics, character design, and catchy branding elements and icons. A common theme across his work is travel and exploration, and the idea of adventure. Mikalai has a keen eye for detail, both in terms of his aesthetics, as well as his technical execution.

James Thew is a versatile graphic designer who works in a variety of different media, depending on the project at hand. Whether you’re looking for clean graphics for a social-driven marketing campaign or stylistic illustrations depicting the future, you’re sure to find what you need in James's diverse portfolio.

Ganna Dik, otherwise known as nem4a on Adobe Stock, started her career working in advertising as a graphic designer. She’s since pivoted to specialize in vector design and children’s book illustrations. Her imaginative illustrations are full of vibrant colors and fantastical creatures at play.

See more work from the world's best creatives on Adobe Stock. If you're an illustrator or a graphic designer looking for a marketplace for your work, become an Adobe Stock contributor today!

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