Village of Hobart Ben kleppek

Practice archery at 4 Seasons park.

The village wanted to build a archery range for clubs and groups to parctice at. My government was looking into 4 Seasons liability laws. I agree with what they are doing. If it would've gotten built it would've benefited the community greatly. I know because there are a handful of family's who bow hunt. It would also bring more people to 4 Seasons and possibly more people would rent the park and do competitions. It would also benefit the community because it would've brought more profit to the village. I wouldn't have changed anything. I thought that were doing a great job but the liability of 4 Seasons must've prevented the range from being built.

Other issues/news

Residents complain about it not being light enough affecting safety of residents.

If the residents want a water pipe, it would have to be bore under the road leaving it un damaged. The residents would have the option to connect to not.

Devolpment of the subdivision by putting in a road.

Fix up N. Overland and Trout Creek Rd.

Map of Hobart
My local government meets at 2990 S. Pine St.

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