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Express Opinions-Feelings

Description and Comparisons





Looking through the functions, I can tell I have improved greatly since the beginning of the year. Because of this class's interesting topics, I have become much better at using Spanish to express opinions and communicate my point of view. My favorite example of this would be my U3 presentational writing, in which I wrote about my biases about Trump Supporters. I would never have been able to do this at the beginning of the year, and I credit this to the deep topics we discuss and how that forces me to use Spanish for my opinions. Similarly, descriptions and narrations have improved throughout the year, and while I could still use some work with my use of tenses in narrations, this year has put me on the right track. Because of the many readings and videos, I have gotten examples for what descriptions and narrations should sound like. The activity that helped me the most would be the narration of Lengua de Las Mariposas in the past tense due to the difficult organization and use of past tense. As for the hypotheticals, given that they are a pretty recent topic, there is room for improvement. I feel like I have a solid understanding of hypotheticals for the amount of time we have worked on them, however more practice in the future will help. While putting my portfolio, the "function" section was the easiest to gather evidence for because it is something we practice often. This is a section of my work that I do feel confident in and that I will continue to improve in next year.

Hasta la empieza del año, he mejorado. Porque hablamos sobre temas interesantes, he mejorado a usar español para expresar mi punto de vista. Mi ejemplo favorito está mi U3 Presentational Writing, que escribí sobre mis prejuicios de partidarios de Trump. Mis escrituras en la empieza del año, no pude escribir mis opinions. Igualmente, descripciones y narraciones han mejorado durante el año, pero necesitan mejora porque yo necesito trabajar en los tensos. Porque los muchos lecturas y videos con descripciones. La actividad mas útil es el narración de LaLenguas de Las Mariposas en el pasado. Hipotéticos son una tema reciente, así que, hay espacio para mejorar. Mi sección “function” fue fácil para armar porque practicamos mucho.

Text Types

Reading and Writing at the Beginning the Year

Reading and Writing Now


While my writing has definitely improved, I see the most improvement in my reading abilities. By looking at reading from the beginning of the year, I can tell that my ability to recognize the main idea of texts and supporting details have changed drastically when comparing them to my most recent IPA interpretives and readings we completed in class. The U4 IPA interpretive was extremely difficult because of the complex topic of the source of conflict in the Middle East, a topic I had limited prior of. I felt very proud of my work on this assignment because of how well I understood the reading and how clear the main ideas felt to me, when I had never had such a clear understanding on a reading before. My presentational skills have also improved, which is clear when I reflect on my Ted Talk especially. The Ted Talk, I thought, was well written and organized. And when comparing this to the beginning of the year, looking at the first assignment of the year, the improvement is extremely clear. My IPA U4 presentational was an example of my work with the past tense as well as a cohesive paragraph, which has come a long way since the beginning of the year when I could simply form a string of sentences.

Mi escritura ha mejorado pero veo lo más mejora en mis habilidades a leer. La diferencia de las lecturas en la empieza del año y las lecturas ahora muestra que mis habilidades mejoraron mucho. Puedo entender la idea central y detalles importantes más fácil porque practicamos este habilidad mucho. Puedes ver mi mejora en mi IPA U4 Interpretive, porque pienso que este es unos de mis trabajos más bueno. Mis habilidades de presentación también han mejorado y puedes ver este en mi Ted Talk. Pienso que mi Ted Talk fue escrito bien y organizado. También, mi U4 IPA Presentational es un ejemplo de mi habilidad a conectar mis escrituras.


General / Frequent vocabulary

Specific vocabulary

Expressions to connect ideas

Expressions to modify quantity and frequency

Expressions to organize the sequence of events


My improvement in vocabulary has been a little less visible in this class, meaning I have learned more from reading and watching videos rather than direct methods such as Quizlet. I actually feel like my vocabulary has improved because it has not centered around learning pointless words that I barely ever use in English, but rather around words that will improve my comprehension of the language. This vital vocabulary includes transition words to connect ideas, words to organize through time as well as general improvement in non-specific vocabulary. While vocabulary has not been a central focus this year, I am seeing improvement from simply practicing the language through speaking, writing and reading. My vocabulary is improving and the more Spanish I use, the better it will get.

Mi mejora de vocabulario es un poco menos obvio en este clase porque he aprendido de maneras diferentes de solamente quizlet o maneras de memorizar. Mi vocabulario ha mejorado porque tengo una comprensión más bien sobre vocabulario general. Uso mi vocabulario para conectar ideas, organizar durante tiempo, y mejora en vocabulario en general. Mi vocabulario continuará a mejorar con mucho practica.



For my presentational ted talk, I organized my presentation in a way that would make it easier to follow as well as having pictures in the back to emphasize my speaking. This is an example of how I used other tools to improve comprehension. This is an important skill because I am not fluent, therefore, I can communicate using other tools when speaking Spanish. In my interpersonal discussion, I asked follow up questions so people would be better able to understand the various perspectives as well as guiding the conversation. By asking people to elaborate and prolonging the discussion, the listeners were more engaged in the conversation and their ability to understand the topic was improved. Audience understanding is key in any use of Spanish so that I am able to be understood and use other techniques to achieve this.

Para mi Ted Talk, organizó mi presentación en una manera más fácil para entender de organización y también tengo imágenes enfatizar el argumento. Para mi discussión interpersonal, pregunté preguntas para continua la conversación. La audiencia fue más involucrado.



Comprehension is possibly one of the most important parts of the year. Using background knowledge and asking questions can help to understand the language and identify main concepts of someone's point or a text. For my interpretive reading, I used background knowledge from class discussions to understand from context. We had talked about the 4 types of personalities in class and because this topic was particularly difficult, I probably would not have understood the reading without my background knowledge. For the U2 IPA interpersonal, Solomon, Jackson and I continued asking questions as well as responding to each other, to clarify our understanding. By building on each other's ideas, we showed our ability to comprehend the main ideas of our peer's contributions.

Comprensión es muy importante. Usando conocimiento del fondo y preguntar, puedo entender temas difícil. En la U2 IPA Reading, usé me conocimiento para entender la tema porque hablamos sobre esto en clase. Para mi U2 IPA interpersonal, Solomon, Jackson y yo se preguntan y se responden.

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