Beginning Drawing Final Exam Digital Portfolio Janna Baugh

My name is Janna Baugh, and this is my second high school art class. I took Beginning Design in my sophomore year, and went back to take the Beginning Drawing class this year. I am also taking Graphic/Digital Design this year, and when this semester is finished I'll be taking Interior Design. I'm not exactly sure what I want to pursue as a career, but I've always been interested in creating things. This class has helped me take my hobby of drawing to another level, I've learned a lot about value, space, and form while drawing.

This piece was a good one to be our first "project" of the semester, because it helped me for the rest of the semester to remember what the elements were, and what they meant in terms of art. Space and form were two words that I wasn't entirely familiar with in terms of art, but after completing this project I was able to remember what they were for the rest of the semester when working on future projects.
This piece was one of my favorites, because as someone that has only ever doodled, it was the first "realistic" drawing I've ever done. I was able to really focus on shape while working on this piece, as it was important to pay attention to the negative space in order to make the piece look "unfinished" and show where the giraffes neck and ear would have continued on the paper.
In this before and after comparison, it's easy to see how my understanding of value has improved. In the "before" drawing (on the right), my hand is very two dimensional, and my palm is flat. In the "after" drawing (left), my hand looks a little bit more three dimensional, and some of my fingers are bent, causing my hand to look less flat. By using graphite on the paper, a lot more value was able to happen and I was able to learn about blending on a piece for the first time. The "after" drawing was done early in the year, so even now I feel like I could still do better now than that one in terms of blending more smoothly.
My profile is one of the pieces I'm most impressed with, as at the beginning of this semester I wouldn't have imagined creating something like this. I think I did well overall with proportions of my face, and using blending skills I feel it turned out pretty well.
The stippling piece of my own VANS sneakers was important to help understand value. I like how my stippling piece turned out, especially the left shoe (shown on the right). I think it was easiest to stipple the value correctly by first imagining where you would crosshatch, which I was able to do in pencil and then erase after the piece was finished in sharpie.
My still life drawing focused a lot on charcoal pencils and white charcoal pencils to focus on where the light hits the piece I was drawing. I had to focus on using light pressure vs heavy pressure with the pencils I used in order to reach the value I wanted to show. I think I did a good job shadowing the mannequin's body and the form it had.
My scratch board drawing was of my sister's cat. I think the scratch board was also one of my favorite pieces from this semester, because I think I was able to capture the texture of the cat's fur really well, as well as using value and allowing some places to be left black ro showcase negative space.
The treehouse was a fun project to do, I found it almost relaxing to just use a ruler to make it a three dimensional shape that made sense when considering horizon line. It was fun to learn how manipulating the placement of your vanishing point would impact the drawing as a whole, and I found the line work itself to be fairly simple with the use of a ruler.
My self portrait has a pretty night and day difference in my opinion, and although my self portrait isn't perfect, it's much better than any portrait I ever thought I'd be able to create. Placement and size of my features in my "before" portrait are way off, and I hadn't even realized it at the time. The value in my "after" portrait is way better than I thought I was capable, and the placement and size of my entire portrait makes more sense, proportionally.
My oil pastel piece is one of my favorites as well, because I really like how the color turned out on each apple. Blending the yellowish color on each apple was fun to do because it took a few tries to perfect the color the way the still-life looked. The photo I took of the apples had a black cloth in the background, but I decided I liked the simplicity of just the three apples on the lighter paper without the dark color in the back.

I feel that this class has helped make me more successful with basic drawing skills. There are techniques and tools I never even knew about prior to this semester (i.e.: blending stumps/tortillions, graphite, scratchboards, etc.). And this class has given me a lot more interest in art than I already had beforehand.

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