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The final installment of the Loopingthrutime Trilogy

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If you knew you were destined to lose, would it really matter how anything ends?

Jerry and Lew, two scientists on two very different wavelengths. One is for the unknown possibilities. The other believes only what his five senses tell him. Their one unifying purpose? To solve one of the greatest mysteries of all time, possibly the greatest of all mysteries.

The future is no place for the timid, as galactically renowned, and infamous, researcher Dr. Bobby Peterson and his time team can testify to. Now, in the thirty-first century, the multiverse theory has been proven true. Nearly two hundred separate universes have been destroyed by the time team’s exploits, despite the fact the circumstances were beyond their control. However, someone must answer for it, and that someone is Bobby Peterson.

But in trying to solve this mystery, these scientists will all discover the ultimate truth of existence, crossing paths with both real and unreal in an epic final confrontation. Time means nothing. Past, present, and future do not exist. It’s no longer a race against time, against choice, or even against good or evil. There’s no more salvation, no more reconciliation, no beginning, and no end.

Only acceptance of the truth can set you free from, The Eternal Loop.

Published December 2014

The story of the man named Willis October, and how he affected destiny...

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At the end of The Civilization Loop, disaster was averted. The great myths and legends of our time were now unlocked and the mystery of 2012 had finally been solved. But in the wake of enlightenment, a new myth was born.

Just who was the rogue time traveler Willis October, and did he ever truly exist in the first place?

Now, you will witness the story of the man, that became myth and turned into a legend. You will see how the nefarious Willis October began his quest to bring absolute chaos to all that is creation. From the cold, hallowed halls of the Third Reich in Berlin, to the fiery death and destruction on September 11, 2001, October was there!

He allowed reality to spiral out of control, until fate caught up with him and dealt him a lethal, final blow. Willis October, the end was only the beginning for this man, as he takes us all on a journey...

...Beyond the Loop.

Published January 2010

A horror story

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…to betray…

…to surrender allegiance to...

…to be unfaithful to a duty or belief…

In the not too distant future, there will come a day where the will of man is tested.

Nation will rise against nation…

Neighbor will fight against neighbor…

…and it will be up to four brave souls to decide the fate of humanity.

Welcome to the world of Fear, the most powerful biological weapon ever created. This weapon doesn’t just infect, it bends and twists all to its unforgiving will.

Whatever haunts you…

Whatever stalks you in the back of your mind…

Fear knows your secrets, your intimate desires, your wildest dreams and your most horrifying nightmares…

…and once you have succumbed to it, all you can ask yourself in the end is…

…what am I afraid of?

Published November 2008

Fate has been sealed in the future, salvation resides in the past...

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Man has unlocked the ability to travel through time. From the outset of this new discovery, man's fate was also sealed. Now it is a race against time, against choice, against the very past that humanity holds to. This story will take you through the mysteries that lie at the very heart of all that is civilization. From the pyramids and Sphinx of Egypt, to the ancient world of the dinosaurs, to the myths and beliefs of our current reality. What if you went back in time and discovered that the world we know was started by people from our present? A tale of good versus evil, man versus machine, life versus death, and God in between. Journey with Dr. Robert Peterson and his dedicated team, on a mission to end all mysteries, and the chance to finally put to rest the greatest mystery of all time...The Civilization Loop.

Published September 2007

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