Ph Balance Janessa Brewer

Pine-Sol: Purple, clearish, smells like soap, 9, Base

Shaving Cream: White, foamy, 8, Base

Vaseline: clear white, smells like cocoa butter, 8, base.

Body Spray: tanish, smells strong, clear, 6, acid.

Gaviscon: clear, smells like mint, opaque, 9, base.

Lemon Juice: looks rotten, kinda orangish brown, smells horrible, 1, acid.

Miracle Gro: looks like dirty water, 6, acid.

Cayenne Hot Sauce: red orange, smells spicy, 4, acid.

Imitation Vanilla: smells delicious, dark brown, 5, acid.

AquaSafe: clear liquid, 9, base.

Lysol: smells kinda like mountain dew, yellowish, 10, base.

Baby Formula: white, smells horrible, 8, base.

Sprite: clear, smells citrusy, 4, acid.

Hummingbird Nectar: red, smells icky, clear, 2, acid.

Baking Powder: smells like chemicals, white, opaque, 8, base.

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