Babe Ruth Mattox Henderson

Famous Quotes- "I only had one superstition. Touch all the bases when you hit a home run."

"You just can't beat the person that never gives up."

George Herman "Babe" Ruth was born on February 6, 1895. He grew up in Baltimore at St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys. He was sent there after his father's saloon was deemed unfit for a child. At the school he was taught not only how to read and write but to play baseball as well. His most long lasting influence was from a Brother Matthias at the school. He taught him to play baseball the right way and also helped him learn discipline. He played baseball at the school until he was 18. Then he omoved up to the big leagues.

In 1914, he began his professional baseball career for the Baltimore Oriels minor league team. He pitched very well there after a shaky start and also hit extremely well for a pitcher. After a few minor league seasons he was moved up to the Boston Red Sox. He was moved up to be a left handed pitcher in their starting rotation. He pitched well for them and also hit well for a pitcher. When he was not playing every day as a pitcher he requested that he play another position so that he could hit every day. The Red Sox eventually let him do this becuase attendance was higher on days when Ruth played. This new strategy worked well and Ruth became one of Boston's best players.

For the last part of Ruth's career he played with the New York Yankees as a primary hitter instead of a pitcher. His initial trade to the Yankees is still questionable to this day, many are not sure why Fraaze traded him in the first place, probably for money. His career with the Yankees was very good, as he broke and set many batting records that stood for very long periods of time. Some of his major accomplishments were- 2 time all star, 7 World Series championships, Al MVP, 12 time AL home run leader, 6 time AL RBI leader, inducted into the hall of fame and he held the MLB home run record until it was broken by Hank Aaron.

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