When it comes to choosing which is better, movie or book, it mainly depends on the type of person and what they are interested in. For example if you love stories about mystery and you would like to be more in depth with the characters you might favor the book version of the story, but if you are more lenient with your information and would like a smooth flow of what the story is telling, you might like the movie version of the story. My example of this is the movie and book, “LEFT BEHIND”. (There are two versions of the movie but I decided to use the original so I could compare the book to what it was thought out to look like in the first instant.)

Now personally I favor the book over the movie although that is probably because I’m bias since I read the book first and fell in love with that version. But in comparison to both the movie and book I suggest that the book was better since I could take my time with the story and think it over, while with the movie I felt like it was too fast and pushy. An example of that will be the fact that in the book Rayford does not know whether Hattie was actually interested in him or was just being kind and that thought is gradually eased into the plot every now and then, yet in the movie it is blandly stated that Hattie was waiting for Rayford to make a move on her which I feel is very abrupt and cuts off any future opportunities.

Another reason that I feel that the book is better than the movie is that in the book Rayford is thought out to be a nice guy since in his rush to return home he takes the time to try and help Hattie get home but in the movie he merely brushes her off and leaves her at the airport. Plus in the movie instead of Chloe being in California she is at home preparing for her exams which later leads up to her and Rayford getting into an argument, and while this flows nicely in the movie I feel like It strips away the father- daughter bond that it created in the book that gives their grieving at the loss of their family a more powerful impact.

But I think that the main reason that I favor the book is because of how the movie is laid out. It feels like with the rapture coming later on in the movie you’re not gripped as suddenly as in the book and instead of the thought process when Buck remembers Dirks theories about the word currency propaganda and switching back to his original situation In the book, the movie just plays it out which I think gives way to much later on at the fact of Dirks supposed suicide.

Although even with all of the differences in personality, actions, and roles in the book and movie, each are actually a story of their own that deserve to be given a chance. But if you haven’t already you really should read the book first.


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