Help Our Animals please save OUR animals

Animals need help and we need to help them! Animals get killed and hurt because of hunting and cutting down trees which destroys their homes.

We need more vets for jungles, zoos, oceans, and animals. Or you could start a club.

Dogs help blind people on walks and guard them too.

Cows help us by giving milk that we need to have for our bones we need animals for excitement and health.

Save animals and stop killing and hurting animals. Do not destroy their homes! You could tell people to stop, get your food from somewhere else, and protect animal homes that you find.

By Faith and Charlotte

Created By
Faith Charlotte


Created with images by gorankrejacic - "peacock bird animal" • ZeMoufette - "Swan" • Chiemsee2016 - "puppy golden retriever dog" • sandid - "cow calf cattle"

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