Spanish-American War "War Should Never be Entered Upon Until Every Agency of Peace has Failed"

Imperialism-a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force (Also known as New Imperialism)

Colonization and Expansion-the action or process of settling among and establishing control over the indigenous people of an area

The Spanish American war revolved around...Imperialism, Expansion, and colonization

Economic Depression-In economics, a depression is a sustained, long-term downturn in economic activity in one or more economies. It is a more severe downturn than an economic recession, which is a slowdown in economic activity over the course of a normal business cycle

America had a 17% unemployment rate in 1893

A war to end economic depression...

Coal was largely needed during the Spanish-American War for the projects such as building the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal would be an easy route for products to be sent in and out of America which, would ultimately lead to an improved economy.

THe needs of America during the Spanish-american war...

Nationalism-patriotic feeling, principles, or efforts. The Pledge of Allegiance started to be said regularly in 1890.

Filibustering-act in an obstructive manner in a legislature, especially by speaking at inordinate length. This was a tactic used by Americans in an attempt to spread slavery.

America was strong and slavery was real...

President McKinley attempts to make Spain leave Cuba. Congress takes the lead of the war at this time.

Spain although knowingly unable to be America has an honor of war. Americans believe Spain should have practiced Ignominy which is an act of public shame or disgrace. Congress began to demur at this time which means to have doubts or be reluctant.

Honor of war...

America states the war is not about land gain.

Teller Amendment-The Teller Amendment was an amendment to a joint resolution of the United States Congress, enacted on April 20, 1898, in reply to President William McKinley's War Message. It placed a condition on the United States military's presence in Cuba. According to the clause, the U.S. could not annex Cuba but only leave "control of the island to its people."

Land of the free...Home of the brave...

The Spanish-American War lasted only 4 months. In this 4 months 400 Americans died directly connected to the war while 5000 died due to disease. Two battles were well known during the war, the battle of San Juan Hill which was well known due to it furthering Theodore Roosevelt all the way to presidency. The battle of Manila Bay was well known in May of 1898 due to acquiring the Philippines.

War...What is it good for?

Modernization-the process of adapting something to modern needs or habits. This will ultimately lead to economic improvement for America

Time for an age of growth

Anti-Imperialism-People who categorize themselves as anti-imperialists, often state that they are opposed to colonialism, colonial empire, hegemony, imperialism and territorial expansion of a country beyond its established boarders.

Insular Cases-The Insular Cases are a series of opinions by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1901, about the status of U.S. territories acquired in the Spanish–American War. The Supreme Court held that full constitutional protection of rights does not automatically extend to all places under American control. This meant that inhabitants of unincorporated territories such as Puerto Rico—"even if they are U.S. citizens"—may lack some constitutional rights.

Peace, Love, and Anti-Imperialism...
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