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Vivian Maier Emulation


Additional Street Photographer Emulation

Edited (Work in Progress)

Best Street Photograph

It is almost evening, and my friends and I are about to go on a walk through downtown San Francisco and find something to eat. The buildings loom over the city while pointing towards the sky. Below the buildings, the street is bustling with traffic and noise. This picture focuses on the connection of the sky, buildings, and underbrush (streets, people, lights, etc.). This is my best street image because it best captures a memory that I am fond of, spending time with my fellow friends in San Fransisco after a long day at a debate conference.


Because street photography is typically pictures of events happening in the city, street photographs are best at portraying the hustle and bustle of city life. Street photographs also show the emotional feelings of city life: good and bad. City life is very different: poor areas vs. rich areas. Street photographs shows the true aspects of those different types of areas. Street photographs vary but show the same theme: city life is different but all connected. Street photography is the essence of the city.

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