Bible Readings first week of Advent

In the first week of Advent, we are watching. Our Bible readings help us to tune our eyes and ears to what God is leading us to see. When you read as a family, be sure to not just read, but to hear the words. The Bible is meant to be heard. Maybe some of your family members like to draw a response. Maybe someone prefers play dough or lego creations. Some just like to sit and think. Find what works for each member of your family!

Take some time each day to read the following passages. Discuss what the people in the passages are seeing. How would you feel if you had been there, viewing it live? Talk about what God is leading you to see. Re-read the passages and see what else is revealed to you. Maybe everyone can write or draw their observations each day on a new sticky note and share it with the family. Consider taking a favorite verse from one of the readings and memorizing it as a family. Set an alarm on your phone, reminding you to say the verse. Watch and see how God uses your family study time to bless you!


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