Grow Your CRM Data Base With LinkedIn

What Is Your Plan For Growing Your CRM Database in 2017?

Each new quarter should give you pause for thought to reflect on your marketing efforts and determine which were most successful and why. One aspect you may overlook is the breakdown of your business mix. How many sales did you have? Who are they? How were they directed to you? This is the perfect time to evaluate, sort and categorize your CRM database. It's the single most important "foundational" component to all of your marketing efforts.

How do you plan on adding new contacts to your CRM database and increase the amount of referral business you earn in 2017?

Have You Considered What LinkedIn Can Do To Help You Grow Your Referral Network and Your CRM Database?

Step 1. Connect With People

Connect your past clients, potential clients, cross sale agents, affiliates anyone in your CRM that you consider a top referral source.

Use the white search bar and drop-down arrow to search for people you know. Search companies you would like to follow and establish relationships with "key stakeholders". Search for Groups you would like to join and meet people who share similar interests as you. Your goal is to connect and start growing influence; this is not about selling. After you've identified who you're searching for, send a personalized message to connect with them.

Step 2. Export Your Connections

Once you have made connections, they can be exported from LinkedIn into a CSV file. All of their contact information is saved. First name, last name, business address, phone number and email address.

Click on "My Network" to see your CONNECTIONS. Then click on "SEE ALL".

Click on the Manage Synced and Imported Connections.

Select "Export Contacts"

You'll Be Sent an Email With A Link to Your Data

Click on Download to Obtain Your Contacts.

Step 3. Upload The Connections File to Your CRM.

You may want to categorize and sort the file before uploading to your CRM. You can do this by opening the file in a Microsoft Excel Format first.

For more information, please contact one of our First American Title Arizona Account Managers. They will be happy to let you know about the Social Media, Digital Marketing and Technology classes we have scheduled in Maricopa County.

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