Chef Bot A Cooking-based Chat Bot By Peter Salerno & Robert DiPalma

What Is It?

“Chef Bot” is a mobile chat bot application that allows users to search options for simple recipes to make themselves. The app also allows users to look up tutorials for basic kitchen skills, such as chopping onions or vegetables.


We got the idea to create a cooking-based chat bot after asking a few people, including a family member, what they thought would be a useful tool to assist students

Some of The Chat bots that came up in our research

Through our initial research, we discovered a common design theme with Chat Bots being a basic messenger layout. We decided not to fiddle with this design too much, and focus more on how we were going to set up the app to search for tutorials or recipes.

A Few Of The Recipes that we found through research over pinterest

Research also included gathering potential recipes to feature in the app through pinterest.

The idea to add in a tutorials section came in after our initial pitch, when it was suggested we also include a tutorial section by a fellow classmate, as well as another family member… albeit one more in touch with the world of UX/UI.

Persona: Eric Lancaster

“Sometimes it’s not what you see, it’s what you hear”


19 Years Old

Studying Radio Broadcasting


Lives On Residence

On-Air Announcer at Campus Radio Station

$500 a week from OSAP


Always on social media

Keeps up on entertainment news

Enjoys discovering new music

Not the greatest at managing a budget

Characteristics & Attributes (Rank them on a scale of 0 to 5):

Charisma: 4

Education: 3

Knowledge of Current Events: 4

Ambition: 5

Punctuality: 5


To have a strong on-air demo to pass around to other radio stations

To be hired as an announcer within a year of graduating

To earn a position as a morning show host in Toronto

Persona: Ashley Reyes

“Sometimes you have to be willing to take a different approach to get things done”


26 Years Old

Studies Early Childhood Education

Lives off campus with her boyfriend

Field placement at a school near her house

Works a part-time job on campus

Makes minimum wage


Able to manage time well

Enjoys Reading

Open to trying new things

Characteristics & Attributes (Rank them on a scale of 0 to 5):

Patience: 5

Empathy: 4

Leadership: 4

Adaptability: 4


To work as a full-time Kindergarten Teacher


When we came up with out initial sketches, we had decided to keep a fairly simple layout focusing on a home screen that took the user to a different chat screen depending on what kind of recipe they were looking for, or if they wanted to search for tutorials. The sketches also originally had us link the recipe the user found in the recipe section linking to a browser, but we figured this idea would be hard to prototype and dropped it once we began wireframing.

Low Fidelity Wireframe

Here, we began to slightly deviate from our original sketches. At this stage we had toyed with the idea of placing the full tutorials & recipes on the basic messenger screen, and even added a page to save recipes to. We also included an ingredients list.

Medium Fidelity Wireframe

At this stage, not much had changed from the Low Fi, with the exception of adding pictures to the icons.

The Prototype

When it came time to begin the prototype, we realized that the design we had used in the Low and Medium fidelity wireframes were complicating things a little too much. So the design for the prototype, is actually a little more similar to our original sketches. However, instead of using a web browser, we decided to change the ingredients page to, not only include the list of ingredients you would need to make the recipe, but the actual recipe itself, as well as a link to look at reviews for the recipes

Testing the final product

During the testing phase, we realized we had made a huge error in setting up the triggers for our application. So in addition to adding in a few extra features at the suggestion of the tester, we went back into the project to fix the triggers, in addition to adding in a “Write A Review” feature.

The Challenges

How to implement this chat bot.

This was, admittedly, our first hurdle.

Prototyping the “messenger” section

Once we learned how to implement different screen states within, the program we used to create the prototype, this had become a simple solution as well.

Try it yourself

Thank You


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