Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback Janeigh Dantzson, Shannon Nolan, Hayleigh ChUdik, greg cottEr

Definition of setting objectives: The process of establishing a direction to guide learning.


  • Set objectives that are specific but not restrictive
  • Communicate learning objectives to students and parents
  • Connect learning objectives to previous and future learning
  • Engage students in setting personal learning objectives


  • An end game is established


  • If the objective isn't relative to the student, there's no buy in

Here's a video demonstrating proper objective setting:

Here's a video demonstrating improper objective setting:

Definition of providing feedback: Commentary on student performance that is corrective, timely and criteria focused, used to foster student learning.


  • Provide feedback that addresses what is correct and elaborates on what students need to do next.
  • Provide feedback appropriately in time to meet students' needs.
  • Provide feedback that is criterion referenced.
  • Engage students in the feedback process.


  • Specific timely feedback can guide performance in a positive direction


  • Disingenuous feedback could discourage students

Here is a video example of negative feedback:

Here is a video example of unproductive feedback:

Here is a video example of positive feedback:

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