North Carolina Do you want to be rich from selling goods like tobacco and enjoy the warm climate? THen come to North Carolina.

Geography: Due to the heat and good soil North Carolina farmers were very successful. Since North Carolina is close to lots of different states they were very good at trade.
Economy: Some natural resources in North Carolina are Tobacco, Indigo, and Rice. The best type of Businesses in North Carolina is our farming businesses. Things that you could trade and sell here is tobacco and dye form indigo. The best source of money in North Carolina is the rich tobacco and blue royal indigo dye. The industries we have here are agriculture plantations. Lastly the city here is Raleigh.
Society: Your life would mainly consist of staying on the farm and making deals on your tobacco for lots of money. Also the people who live here are English men. Most of the kids here are home schooled.
Religion: The religion consists of lots of different groups but mainly Baptist, and Anglicans. Religion isn't a big deal here ya you are part of it but instead of going to church your making lots of money.
Government: The leader here is king Charles the 2nd. Our founder was also king Charles the 2nd because it provided land for settlers. Our type of government is a royal government.
Fun Facts: Did you know Edward tech AKA Black beard was a famous pirate who roamed the Caribbean and Carolina coasts harassing and looting ships. Most of us know him from famous stories and movies.

Credits: Austin Clements, Dan Conway

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