Froghorn 17th July 2020

Headteacher's Corner

Dear Parents and Carers

Whatever we may have envisaged for 2020, I am not sure any of us, in our wildest dreams, would have pictured the way the year has unfolded. In January, at our staff training day, we discussed our 2020 vision, thinking ahead to how we wanted students to remember school in 10 years’ time. As the academic year draws to a close, our 2020 vision takes on an even greater significance. 20:20 vision, after all, is being able to see with absolute clarity. The past few months have enabled me to see more clearly than ever the strength of the bonds that unite our Frogmore family. I know that, when I look back in 10 years, I will remember this time for the striking examples of people going above and beyond to support, encourage, and help one another.

I would like to take a moment to thank the wonderful team of staff at Frogmore for their unceasing efforts over the past year, and the past four months in particular. We have had to reinvent how we ‘do school’ several times over this period, each time solving new challenges in new ways. Staff across the school have dedicated themselves to making sure that students continue learning. They have come into school and supported our merry band of key worker children and year 10; they have come in through their holidays; they have helped to check in with the students in their tutor groups; they have helped to plan for reopening; they have worked from home to help your child learn at home, mastering new technologies and juggling their own family responsibilities along the way. Basically, they have been absolute heroes. I am indebted to them for the commitment that they show to our school.

The end of the academic year is always tinged with a little sadness for us as it is a time when we say goodbye to staff who are moving on. Usually, these staff would be able to manage their goodbyes to students over the last couple of weeks. The current situation has not enabled this and I know that, whilst some staff have used SMHW to say some goodbyes, for many students there will be a sadness about not being able to say goodbye themselves. Firstly, in learning support, we are saying goodbye to two wonderful LSAs: Mrs Blackman has enjoyed her role so much, she is going to train to be a drama teacher (a very noble profession, if I do say so myself!) and Mrs Hardy, who has shown such commitment to our students, is relocating. Mr Caldwell is also relocating this summer and we wish him well for his new life in sunny Scotland. Mrs Bentham has secured a new role as a head of year in another school and we wish her all the best for this new challenge. Miss Reed, who started as a trainee teacher here 9 years ago, has secured an exciting promotion at a new school in London. We will miss her dearly and know that our loss is certainly their gain.

As members of Macmillan House will already know, Mr Birch has gained a promotion and will be leaving us. He has made a significant impact here at Frogmore, not just in his leadership of Macmillan House, but also in his excellent maths teaching and contribution to the school as a whole. We wish him every success in his new role as assistant headteacher at a local school. Mr Lewis, our wonderful technology faculty leader, is also moving on to a new challenge in a bigger department at a bigger school. He has been at Frogmore for 19 years and throughout this time has shown exceptional leadership of a highly successful faculty. We wish him every success and happiness at his new school.

Lastly, but by no means least, we say goodbye to Mrs Salt, who is retiring this summer after 37 years at Frogmore. Mrs Salt was, as many of you will remember, until recently, our science subject leader. As both a teacher and a leader, she has always shown total dedication to her job. Feedback about the quality of learning she was preparing for students throughout lockdown speaks volumes about her commitment to students. Mrs Salt also has shown tremendous care for her fellow members of the science department, building the confidence of those around her and uniting them with real loyalty to one another. We wish her a very happy and healthy retirement.

Every coin has two sides; the flip side for Frogmore is the sense of excitement about the new staff joining us in September. You and your children will get to meet them all in September, but I am delighted to be able to say that we have filled all of our vacant posts with excellent specialists. We have, in fact, increased our staffing as we have grown in size: we have nine new teachers joining us in the new year and we know that they will each make a fabulous contribution to Frogmore. In a separate attachment, alongside the Froghorn, we have included a table of tutor groups so that students know before September who their tutor will be if their current tutor is leaving.

Last week, we undertook yet another first: we held our first ‘virtual awards evening’ for key stage 3 students. It is always a great privilege being able to celebrate the excellent achievements of our students, and this year was no exception. We shared the video of the event with the award winners last week. Should you wish to see who won which awards, do please watch the video included later in the Froghorn.

As we head into the last few days of the term, the home learning will come to a conclusion. Please do encourage your child to use Monday and Tuesday to tie up any loose ends and submit any final work to their teachers. No new work will be set on these days, although some subjects for some year groups may set some summer home learning as preparation for coming back next term. Then, as we always do, we will end the year with our whole school assembly. Please look out on ParentMail and SMHW at around 11.30am next Wednesday for this – our traditional way to round off the term.

In other news, I’m delighted to announce a new addition to our Frogmore family. Mrs Price and her husband welcomed a lovely baby boy into the world yesterday and we are looking forward to meeting him very soon. Many congratulations to them!

Finally, I would once more like to thank you as parents and carers for the fantastic support you have shown to the school over the past four months. It has been challenging for us all and, whilst we haven’t always got everything right, we have been bolstered by the support of our community. You have now seen our outline plans for September, and we will provide more detail nearer the time. We are aware that there is a lot to take in with these arrangements, but the overall summary is that we can’t wait to see all of our students back in school. We will see year 6 on Friday 4th September and everyone else on Monday 7th – and, although there will be some differences, there will be more that is familiar. We believe that students will be able to hit the ground running in September, perhaps even with a refreshed understanding of the value of school in their lives. We will continue to be navigating unknown territory, but our vision for the rest of 2020 is one of hope and positivity.

Have a wonderful summer.

Chris Vaudin - Headteacher


Excellent Examples Of Student Home Learning

Art Work

Year 7 A. Hoskins & W. Buick. Year 9 H. Ashwood.
Year 8 J. Searle. Year 9 L. Blackford, Z Brewer and L. Britten.
Year 8, F. Wallis, S. Fewell, J. Searle and R. Smith


Six Word Story Competition


Work by R.Millbery-Haynes and R.Preece


Work by B. Kurzeja, G. Seaman, year 9 and C. Sekyere, year 10.

BLACK LIVES MATTER is a statement that has caused many conversations and debates in the past few months. In my, and many other’s opinions, it is message that is positive and needs to be heard.

This conversation may not be comfortable, but it is necessary.

As a member of the ‘Frogmore family’, I feel I have a responsibility to help inform, support, and congratulate fellow students.

To inform those who might not know about current issues. To support others who feel upset and stressed about the harsh conditions for themselves or their friends. To congratulate people who are actively getting involved with the movement or realising their own mistakes.

I, as a black student in our community, want to let other POC and allies to know that your voices are heard, and you matter.

If the news is worrying you or if you have any other concerns, talk to a family member, or let your friends know. In times like these support is important.

Stay safe and care for others.

Written by S. Chibisa.

KS3 Awards Evening

Congratulations to all of our winners this year.

Virtual Sports Day

This year, due to the closure of the school we decided to do sports day a bit differently. Every student was set a range of challenges on Show My Homework and they could choose which ones to complete. Challenges varied from artistic ones, gymnastics, dance and sporting activities so there was something for everyone. Each student that took on the challenge then earned points for their house, simulating something as close to sports day as possible. It was great to see a good number of students get involved with the challenges. The competition was tight between all the houses but Tuckwell took the lead in the end. A huge well done to all those that took part in the challenges.

African Pygmy Hedgehog Visit

We had an exciting visit from an African Pygmy Hedgehog last week as one of our enrichment activities for the key worker students. Stanlee was brought in by one of our LSAs, Niki, who rescues the hedgehogs from unsuitable homes. Niki presented a talk on what is involved in caring for this unusual pet and a bit about her rescue work. Our students were totally engrossed in learning about the African Pygmy hedgehog and also had the opportunity to give Stanlee a little stroke too.

Message From our Attendance and Welfare Officer.

Charity Run

I have signed up to take part in the official End to End Challenge to run the virtual distance (874 miles in total!) from Land's End to John O'Groats in one year in order to raise money for the school PTA.

The PTA has lost so many of it's fundraising opportunities this year due to COVID-19 and is such a vital part of the Frogmore family- this hopefully is one way to help make up any fundraising shortfall.

Any donations, however big or small will be very gratefully received via my Just Giving page, which will contain regular updates on my journey north . Please use the link below for any donations, or to keep up to date with my progress.


Thank you in advance for any donations you are able to make.

Message from the Southern Health School Nursing Team

Message from the Child and Family Support Worker

Breakout Youth offer a confidential support service for young people aged 11 to 21, who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning or unsure of their sexuality or gender identity. Young people who identify as LGBTQ+, or are unsure, often feel isolated and alone with their sexuality or gender identity. At Breakout Youth, you will find a group of likeminded young people that you can socialise with safely. You’ll also find help with feelings of isolation. We run confidential virtual youth groups in Hart and Rushmoor.

If you would like more information, you can visit our website- breakoutyouth.org.uk, call 023 8022 4224 or email us at hello@breakoutyouth.org.uk.

Peer Mentor Applications

The deadline for applications is fast approaching. If you are a year 8 or 9 student, please check SMHW or see today's Parentmail for further information.

Impact Survey on Covid-19 Pandemic

To represent young people, we would be grateful if students could fill out the survey in the link below. This age group has been affected by Covid-19, possibly more than any other group, and it's their future that we need to plan for. Thank you in advance.


Food Bank

We are still taking donations for the food bank, which you can drop off on the trolley outside the main reception doors.

Thank you so much to all those of you who have donated so generously already. It's really been so positive for our Frogmore family to come together in support of our local community in this way.

The current shortages are:

  • Jams/marmalades
  • Sponge pudding
  • Small washing powder or gel

Please remember all items need to be long-life or packaged goods rather than fresh food.

Library News

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Fundraising News

Easyfundraising: Did you know you could be raising a free donation for Frogmore Community College every time you shop at retailers such as Amazon, John Lewis and Sainsbury's who will donate a percentage of the amount you spend? It's really simple, and it doesn't cost you anything!

Please sign up and help us raise money for our students.

All you have to do is:

1. Go to http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/frogmorecomcoll

2. Sign up for free.

3. Get shopping! Donations will be collected and automatically sent to us. It couldn't be easier! There are no catches or hidden charges and we would be really grateful for your donations. Thanks for your support.

Please don't forget our Rag Bag is still open, we are continuing to collect textiles in our recycling bank in the car park opposite the leisure centre. This is a great way to raise money for the college, with minimal effort. Please donate your bagged clothes, paired shoes, hats, bags, belts, towels and bed linen in the recycling bank. Thank you.