Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration By Kailie McCallister

What is Photosynthesis and Cellar Repartition?

Photosynthesis is the process when plants absorb/takes in sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide makes glucose which is sugar and then releases the oxygen. Respiration is when plants and animals use glucose to use the stored energy.

This shows the sunlights energy is coming down on the flower and help making it grow
This shows the water going through the roots which goes up to the flower to make photosynthesis.
Chloroplast is inside of the leaf and it's inside of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll makes sugar and oxygen (O2). It also collects CO2 and plant cells.
This shows carbon dioxide going into the flower to make a process of photosynthesis.
The stoma lets gases in and out of the leaves.
This shows the glucose formula and we use the stored energy out of the glucose. Glucose is sugar.
This shows the process of resporation.
This shows ATP which is the stored energy that we use.


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