My Legacy Project By Ahdrian Rojas

Of Beetles and Angels was a story of an African boy named Selamawi that arrives to the United States in search for a better life after leaving his own home after a civil war breaks out. He struggles with school bullies who pick on him for his differences of being a black kid in a predominantly white neighborhood. He later goes on to receiving a scholarship to Harvard University and becoming a successful writer and author.

In his writing style Mawi incorporates an artistic tone when quoting what others say that makes it distinct to that specific person that draws out their attitude, He also uses a lot of similes and flashbacks to describe his past events to display how he got to where he is now as a writer.

First High School Memory: My first high school memory as well as one of my fondest was when I was entering high school and decided to join wrestling. I had been in it in eighth grade and was intending to do it with my brother because it was his last year of high school along with my cousin Mauricio who was also a freshman. The 3 o'clock bell rang and me and my cousin were walking around the building looking for where we were supposed to meet up for preseason practice. When we finally found my brother he took us out to the field house where others were already waiting for the coach to arrive so we could start practice. I remember all of the friends that announced that they were going to do wrestling as a sport the year prior, however only me and my cousin were the only freshmen that showed up to practice on that first day and felt like complete strangers to the new building and upperclassmen save my brother that left us for his friends. It had to be the most brutal practice we had all year because I was not in the greatest condition at the time to put that much strain on my body while also having butterflies in my stomach for not knowing what to do since it was my first day of high school practice.

Best Class

My best memory with a teacher must have been when I was in Mr. Wolfe’s class. I would always go to school with a smile on my face looking forward to going into his business law class because I was learning a topic I was interested about while also hanging out with some of my close friends at the time. Luis, Yonik, and Alex would always find a way to make me laugh and cheer my mood after a long day of bland and dull classes. Mr. Wolfe’s homework would always be straightforward and simple making studying effortless and brought me an easy A to my gpa making it the most entertaining class of my high school career.

My most boring class had to be Honors Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry. That class was so boring because it was my sophomore year and I didn’t know that many people in honors classes. So when I would go to class I would sit in the way back while he tried to lecture the class but would just end up trying to make jokes that he has said since the beginning of the semester. I would try to study on my own when during class but I would end up daydreaming of what else I could be doing instead of wasting more time then I should on learning math that could’ve been easier if the teacher actually taught the class.

My first academic mistake must have been when I procrastinated on doing creating the speech I needed to make for our speech class junior year. I decided to begin writing my speech at seven o'clock in the afternoon the night before it was my turn to speak. I believed that researching for all of the main points would be so simple and would finish it before ten if I dedicated the three hours specifically to research. I was wrong. I could not find any articles that pertained my speech and was I still needed to write the whole speech and memorize everything. After numerous long and weary hours of research and writing the speech the ancient clock in my dining room struck three. Perfect time to begin rehearsing. I ultimately tried to memorize it for an hour but felt hopeless and went to sleep making it the worst academic mistake I ever did.

My biggest academic accomplishment during high school was when I completed all of my AP tests during junior year. All I heard my freshman and sophomore year was how the most difficult year in high school was junior year and the numerous tests one has to take if they were to take advanced placement classes. After dedicating the whole school year trying to pay attention in class and learn the essential concepts of each class I would go on to pay nearly three hundred dollars and take three ap test each which took around four hours. After finishing my last test however, I felt accomplished having gone through the most difficult part of high school and knowing that it will only be downhill from here.

A fond memory that I had of high school was during sophomore year. In Honors English II there was a project in which we had to help our community and give back. Ricky and I went to the food pantry to give back to our town by volunteering in giving free food away. I remember trying to learn how to give the food and leading the cart to inform them how much of a certain item they could take. We would also go outside when the pantry was running slow and break down boxes outside to spend time and relax. I felt a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day when I felt like I actually did something useful and not lay around all day waiting for me to be entertained. We eventually went again because of the fun experience we previously had.

As high school is closing to an end I have gone through many changes in my life, one is my bedroom. When entering high school I had my room walls covered with posters of video game characters and movies. I shared my room with my brother so that included an extra twin bed making the room feel twice as small since I had to also split the rest of the room in half with him. This included him bringing in garbage and littered all over the room with candy wrappers and empty bags of chips which he would leave in the counter. As I am leaving high school however we have switched rooms to the master bedroom since my former room was getting too small for the both of us. We changed to bunk beds where I get a full bed at the bottom bunk as well. My walls now only include pictures of my family and picture frames of Jesus Christ. We now have a trash can where I consistently tell my brother to throw his trash away when he is finished eating to keep the room clean.

High School has impacted me because it has displayed how hard work and dedication can bring forward other opportunities such as scholarship money and acceptances to Ivy league schools. I feel like I have left an impact to my high school through forming bonds with teachers and students and hoping that they don't forget me.


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