The Renaissance Sofia buitrago

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

RACES: The reopening of the Silk Road helped sparked the Renaissance. By having Marco Polo going on the Silk Road and trading goods. "They once again made the roads safer for travelers and traders. Among these traders were a remarkable man from Venice named Marco Polo and his family." This shows that Marco Polo was along the Silk Road. To sum it up this helped sparked the Renaissance.

Italian Trade Cities

Medici Family

Top left picture shows the artwork of the Medici family. Top right represents the architecture that the Medici family had liked. On the bottom left is the Medici family of their banking. And lastly bottom right, is the library the Medici family had built.

Rediscovering the Past.

Greek and Roman classical ideas helped shape the development of the Renaissance because of the writing that they had lost. They were rediscovered and they began looking for Latin writings. "Many of theses workers were Greek and Roman classical writings. Since Europeans thought these writings had been lost forever, they were excited by their returns and began looking for ancient texts in Latin" (Document 3). My quote shows that they were very excited to discover the past.

The Greeks loved sculpting sculptures. Here are some examples.

This statute was made by the Greeks. It was very plain.

Another sculpture made by the Greeks. The sculptures were very detailed and non colorful.

Rome was mainly known for its beautiful architecture. The biggest well known architecture was the stadium.

This is the Romans stadium that they loved.

This is an inside of a chapel in Rome.

Leonardo Da Vinci

This article is mainly talking about Leonardo's work. It's talking about his most famous pieces of art that he has created. Explaining his life and other subjects that Leonardo has been interested in.

I chose these images because these are his most famous paintings. We have Mona Lisa on the left. We don't know how Mona was smiling. On the top right we have the most famous, the last supper. On the bottom left we have a drawing he made to prove a square can fit in a circle by human genetics. And on the right is another painting he made.


This video mainly focuses on his art & the Sistine Chapel.

Paper and Printing

On the left side, this is what the printing press looked like. On the top right is a. Johann Gutenberg and his printing press. And lastly on the bottom right, we have some men working the printing press.

The printing press had an impact on literacy because the monks had to write everything word for word by hand. Now, they didn't have to copy everything word by word, they can just move the blocks around to create their books.

Renaissance Writing William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare writing reflected the ideas of humanism because his writing was really important. In the text it says "Shakespeare compares people to the actors in a play who should be watched" and "Ever since, people have Shakespeare's language and his understanding of humanity" (Holt 317). The evidence shows that Shakespeare really liked to compare his writing to people. And also people were attracted to Shakespeare's work because of his language and the way he writes. To sum it up, William Shakespeare had impacted the English world.

A painting of Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare
Another piece of artwork -Hamlet.
" a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing." -Shakespeare, Macbeth

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