Robert Downey Jr. Actor

By Clark E. Wells

Most of you may recognize Robert Downey Jr. From blockbuster hits such as Iron Man ,Avengers ,Captain America:CW, and cameos in other Marvel movies

Some of you might recognize him as the brilliant Sherlock Holmes

Some of you may even recognize him as he recreated a Charlie Chaplin original

But very little of you know he had a troubling past

He has been arrested multiple times

He has also battled drug addiction

But luckily for him,and i guess us, he pulled through and became a household name in a matter of a year or two


Created with images by BagoGames - "Iron Man 4 Will Have Robert Downey Jr If Mel Gibson Directs" • dullhunk - "ΡΟΜΠΕΡΤ ΝΤΑΟΥΝΙ ΤΖ και ΤΖΟΥΝΤ ΛΟ : Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law" • IWSM - "Robert Downey Jr and Chaplin"

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