Immigration Reform By:Sean Barefield

Have you ever felt like you're stuck in a crowded place? Felt as if multiple people were in a place they weren't allowed to be? In this case you should feel both. Having immigrants in our country is one thing, having illegal immigrants is another.

Illegal immigrants that border the U.S. do whatever they can to come to America. Simply hoping a border fence makes them think life will be easier. That no one will notice. False, the government will eventually find out.

The different colors for each of the state represents the amount of money it cost to have illegal immigrants in the states. Most states closes to the boarder cost over $1 Billion dollars due to the fact it is the easiest states to travel when illegally crossing the border.

There are multiple reasons to why we keep immigrants and why we should banned illegals immigrants. Notice the pie chat, see the colors, numbers, and different categories? this is just a representation of many felonies are caused by illegal immigrants in the state of Texas.

In 2017 the United States elected our new president, Mr. Donald Trump. Mr. Trump's famous slogan is "Make America great again" by him making America great again he demanded that the wall be built around the border and anyone who has no right to be here be gone. As we can see our president himself does not want our country be liable for the people who have no business here. If they want to come to America, they will have to do it the right and legal way.


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