Headteacher School Update 30th November 2020


As we enter December it is unfortunate, like many other school activities this year, we can't have the same level of festivities. However, I am sure the challenges this year have brought a different perspective to many of us and highlighted what is important to us. For us as a school, learning and progression is important, but the wellbeing of our young people and families remains central to our work. I am sure the ability to have limited contact with families and friends over the coming festive break is welcomed by all and we will continue to urge everyone within our school community to follow the guidance so this relaxation in restrictions can be enjoyed by all.

Please stay safe and take care.

Kind regards: Mr Black (Headteacher)

Health and Safety

We continue to face challenges presented by Covid-19 from pupils isolating to managing staffing. This has not been easy, however, I am grateful to parents and staff for the way we have managed these aspects out with our control and continue to work hard to ensure learning keeps progressing.

Just a short reminder of some of the processes to support our wellbeing in the school campus.

  • Pupils are being asked to come into the school in year groups to support the flow and enable access to hand sanitisers. They are currently going directly to their period 1 class due to the time restrictions in doing this.
  • We are asking for all pupils to remain on campus over the lunch break for the well-being of everyone within our school campus. For any pupil entitled to a free school meal, a grab bag is available.
  • No parents or carers should be accessing our main car park at the start and end of the day to ensure staff can safely access and leave their place of work and to prevent our young people being endangered in moving traffic. We understand the limited space for pick up and drop off, but we would ask all parents and carers to plan for this.
  • Pupils must only use the pathways in and out of the campus as directed by staff at the end of the day.
  • Pupils and staff are required to wear face coverings in corridors, social areas and toilets.

The wellbeing of all young people and staff is our central focus. There are important actions that everyone can take to support this, anyone who,

  • has the symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) - a new persistent cough, fever, loss of sense of smell and / or taste - should STAY AT HOME and arrange for coronavirus testing;
  • is living with someone who has coronavirus symptoms should stay at home and follow the guidance;
  • has returned (or come) to Scotland from a country which is not exempt from the UK quarantine rules, should stay at home following the guidance.
Feedback from our recent parliament meeting

Discussions from our recent parliament meeting centred around,

  • Relevance and purpose of personal development within the senior phase.
  • Teaching approaches and methodology in the senior phase.
  • Study support going forward this session and under the current restrictions.
  • Tutorial time.
  • Purpose of note taking / copying.
  • Pupil conduct when it interrupts learning for others.

These aspects are now being taken forward through the various forums within the school and I look forward to seeing the actions and outcomes that emerge. As always our young people expressed their views well and engaged with a range of people and views.

Face Coverings

We continue to have to provide some pupils with face coverings each day. I would ask for your support in ensuring all pupils arrive at school with their face covering which should be on as they enter the building.

Parent Council

Lornshill Academy PC @LornshillPC

Please see below the notes from our latest Parent Information Session.

SQA Update

Our recent Inset Day was effectively used by staff across the school to address gathering evidence, sharing standards and moderating marking. This will support staff in presenting grades for SQA in the coming months.

It is our intention to complete this week the new assessment calendar for the senior phase based on the most up to date information we have. Any changes made are to maximise our opportunities to evidence the best work from each pupil and to ensure deadlines are met. More information for senior phase parents will be shared soon.

Our New Pupil Services Facility

Our new pupil services and processes have been working well but it has highlighted that we have a small number of issues around pupil timekeeping. Sometimes it is just unfortunate and because of matters beyond our control we are late. However, this should not be a regular event and we will be contacting parents and carers where we feel this needs to be addressed. Throughout these new processes we have stressed to pupils the importance of timekeeping and the responsibility to others to get to class on time. Every time someone enters a class late it disrupts the learning for others and we need to maximise our time in school. As a parent I understand the challenges that we sometimes face, but I would ask for your support in ensuring your child arrives in school on time. Thanks in advance for your support in this matter.

  • Contacting the school by telephone:

Option 1 to speak with the office staff regarding any general enquiries or to contact the Year Head (DHT's)

Option 3 to speak with pupil services regarding any pupil matters and or concerns

  • Tracking pupil attendance;

We have enhanced our pupil attendance tracking to include period by period alerts for absence. Classroom registers are complete within the first 10 minutes of each lesson. If the register shows a pupil was present in the previous class, but now absent an alert text message will be sent home.

Upcoming Changes

Mr Burrell (Acting) will take on more responsibility within his senior leadership role. This will include sharing year head for S2 with Mr Arnold, primary - secondary transitions, Literacy and Numeracy across the curriculum and whole school communications. We hope to roll out these changes in the coming weeks with a full hand over at the start of next term. I look forward to working with Mr Burrell on these important school matters. Parents will be notified to any changes with regards to contacts etc nearer the time.

Who to contact

Please see the contact details below for the year heads.

S1: Mr Arnold (DHT) - clparnold@glow.sch.uk
S2: Mr Clancy (DHT) - clgclancy@glow.sch.uk
S3: Mr Burrell (Acting DHT) clrburrell@glow.sch.uk
S4: Mr Murray (DHT) - clemurray@glow.sch.uk
S5/6: Mrs McMaihin (DHT) - clhmcmaihin@glow.sch.uk

Lornshill Academy School App

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Please ensure we have a current mobile telephone number so you can be informed about school updates by text.

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