My super crappy day at work By ian hartl


So this is where I work. Hell on earth. It's called DiNolfo's Banquet Hall and people basically just throw parties for weddings and stuff like that. I am a busboy and for most of the part the job ain't too bad. But every once and I while it sucks so bad I almost quit. This is usually once a month. It's real nice and pretty inside when it's all set up for parties but people don't realize that it takes a lot of goddamn work to set it up. So when the parties are goin on and people are drinkin they don't care what they break, spill, destroy, light on fire, or throw up on. And they sure as hell don't think about who has to clean it up. Okay, enough with the setup. So the other day I was at work for a cleanup shift and it was lookin like it was gonna be one of those quit days. I was the only busboy working cause everybody else had the day off, lucky me. So the night before was a full building party which meant I had to clean the entire building. And you can see the picture, it's a lot of goddamn building to clean. So I walk in and my boss has been there for a couple hours already and did a good amount of work so really all I gotta do is vacuum. But it' s at that moment when I realize that last nights party had the freakin trifecta: feathers, confetti, and glitter. Now you may not know this as many of you are not professional vacuumers, but those three items are damn near impossible to suck up. So for the next four hours I had to sweep, vacuum, and pickup all those godforsaken shiny things instead of cleaning up a regular dirty floor that would normally only take me an hour to do. So I just felt like venting. At the end of the day I got payed. I just hate when people are so inconsiderate and don't think about anybody else besides themselves. Also, I'm tryna get my boss to put a banner on the entrance that says "Leave Everything A Little Bit Better Than You Found It." Or at least charge extra for confetti.

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