Bulldog Daily By: Chris Andrerson

Was the French Revolution Successful?

France had many problems between the late 1780s to the late 1790s. This time is well known as the French Revolution. What had led to the French Revolution was unequalities in their society, ideas from the Enlightenment, and financial problems. Was the French Revolution a success though?

France had gone under another monarchy shortly after the revolution, just after getting rid of the previous monarchy. French governments had gone bankrupt. Because of all the chaos, many citizens had died during the revolution. All in all, the French Revolution was a complete bust.


A Hero or Villain?

Napoleon Bonaparte was a ruthless ambitious young man. The turmoil of the French Revolution gave him a prime opportunity to rise quickly to power. Whittington years, he would rise from a army captain to the ruler of France. Was he a Hero though?

Napoleon was no hero, he was a true villain. He crowed himself to show that no one give him his power. Napoleon tried to extend his power in the Americas. He had also started many wars in Europe, known as the the Napoleonic Wars. Even though he may have done some good during the revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte had done more bad than good.

Reactions of Other Countries

The ideals that inspired the French Revolution had influenced people all around the world for the next 200 years. Massive revolutions had broke out between France and Romania after Napoleon's reign. Enlightenment ideas had crossed the Atlantic Ocean. People in Latin America were inspired to throw off colonial rule. Later, those same ideas would inspire political movements in Asia and Africa.

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