Exuberant Animal experiential training for health professionals, tribal elders, trainers, coaches, teachers and activists.

Ancient bodies–modern world. The mismatch is unprecedented and immensely challenging. Our bodies are literally millions of years old, driven in large measure by ancestral programming. But today we live in a radically different world, what many call "an alien environment."

In the span of only a few thousand years, we have gone from robust and vigorous hunter gatherers to a population suffering from obesity, diabetes, depression and a host of lifestyle diseases. The state of our bodies is reflected in our spirits: anxiety, fear and depression are epidemic. As noted ecopsychologist Theodore Roszak put it, "The Earth hurts and we hurt with it."

At Exuberant Animal, we create training experiences for the modern human animal. Our training is uniquely comprehensive, highly integrative and focused. The experience is highly relevant and intensely meaningful.

Ideal for socially-responsible health professionals, Exuberant Animal training combines health education and physical engagement with practical activism. Our approach is pro-health, pro-habitat, pro-social and pro-active.

Our workshops are built on rhythmic cycles of activity: vigorous movement, meditation, presentation, activism, food and fun. This makes for a comprehensive experience that's creative, engaging and energizing.

Our presentations focus on big health and the long body:

Functional exercise, martial art and team-building games...

We prepare and enjoy our meals together...

We train outdoors, in natural habitats.

This is where our bodies really come alive...

Exuberant Animal events are full-engagement experiences, based on the martial art model.

Based on books by Frank Forencich, creator of Exuberant Animal. Frank studied human biology at Stanford University and has traveled to Africa on several occasions to study the ancestral environment. He has taught martial art and human adaptation for over 30 years.

We support Standing Rock.

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