GE: The Digital Industrial Company By: Austin Kirby

Why GE

GE is more than just an industrial company now, they are constantly striving to be leaders in innovation and sustainability.

  • Leading innovators in technology
  • Invest heavily in sustainability practices. In 2016, they as a company invested 2.7 billion dollars in cleaner technology solutions
  • Constant effort to invest in employees, spends 1 billion dollars a year on development and skills training

Information systems majors can find a career in technical positions that work on project management teams through the various technology sectors of GE, which include:

  • GE Aviation
  • GE Healthcare
  • GE Transportation

GE is a global company that has many different opportunities no matter where you want to go. They offer internships and co-ops for students who are still active in school. Then after graduation, they offer many rotational programs, generally that last two years, where you rotate to different sectors within GE and can get a taste of what each sector feels like.

For anyone interested in technology, they offer a Digital Technology Leadership Program (DTLP), which is a 2 year program, with 4 six month rotations, and opportunities for international experience.

For more of the technical roles At GE, Interns are generally placed on a team and get real world hands on experience that help them both in their technical skills and professionally as well.

Interns contribute to the teams they are placed on and are assigned real projects that will benefit the team.


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