A letter to Mark Twain

Dear , Mark Twain, my name is Antoine and I am 12 years old. I send you this letter to talk about your book The adventures of Tom Sawyer. I will say what I love of that book and what I mine love. First, I want to say that I love the story, the character and theirs personality. I will say what I love of Tom and Huck and what I don't love of them. I love the courage of Tom and the need of adventures. But I don't love when he manipulates people to have what he wants. Because if he always do this he will always have what he wants and if one time it didn't work he will be very angry. Now, I will talk about Huckleberry. I love how he is autonom, because, he don't has house and he survives. But I don't love when he mixed up in others people's business. Because, after he is always in the trouble.

Thank you to have read my letter. Talk with you soon.

Antoine Chalifour


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