Planning Board for March 2019 Concert Not really a secret, but keep it on the low.

  • Hello! This is just a planning board for a concert I want to host in March 2019! I'm not really sure how to go about it, but I'd like it to be special! Thanks for your support!
  • P.S. If you click that button, you'll be taken to a page where you can help out with this project!
  • I'm starting to work on the music! If you are one of my patrons, you'll get to listen to demos! Otherwise, you'll have to catch me streaming!

The Show

  • I was planning to compose the music for the entire show, but we'll see how it goes.
  • Naturally, I'd like it to focus on my primary instrument, but I also want it to be a chance to talk to the people who attend. Not sure how that will work exactly...

Location: Houston, Tx

  • It's going to be the easiest and least expensive to host the concert in Houston. However, I am open to considering other locations if I can get enough support for them
  • It's gonna be nice and warm in Houston around this time. That's a pretty big factor in choosing a location too.

Venue Ideas

  • Below is a list of venues I am considering for this concert. Please feel free to suggest a venue! My criteria for choosing is as follows:
  • I want something that's small. I'm not expecting a huge crowd.
  • It has to be centrally located, and easy to get to.
  • I would like it to be kind of nice. You know, for the atmosphere.
  • It would be very good if it allowed food and refreshments and the like.
  • Should I do a smaller event? I'm thinking that would be a good idea. Maybe like 50 people max?

Du Vin Pintor

  • It looks cozy!
  • Pretty easy to find location.
  • They actually have service here!

Ovations Night Club

  • Hyper classy!
  • ...maybe a bit too big?
  • They have a grand piano!

Eldorado Ballroom

  • It's simple, yet elegant
  • Pretty close to Downtown (easy access)
  • They allow food and drink


It really depends on the size of the venue and how many tickets I can sell, but initally, I'm thinking:

Cymphoni Fantastique

Confirmed (obviously)


Not confirmed

Greg Lewis

Not confirmed

Created By
Cymphoni Fantastique

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