Samurai Daniela Rosales P#6

The Military Soicety

• Japan became a military society by the first shogun Minamoto Yoritomo • The samurais were very loyal even if it meant to leave their family behind

Samurai Armor, Weapons, and Fighting

• when it came to armors samurais had to wear armors and a robe called kimono

• the weapons samurais used were bows , arrows, spears, and swords

bows and arrows

Samurai Training and The Warrior Code

• the way of the horse and the bow was how they first trained

• later if they were good enough they became the art of swordsmanship which was really important

• mentally- learn self-control so they could overcome emotions (always be ready)

• physically- learn how to endure pain and suffering

samurai training

Training in Writing, Literature , and Tea Cermony

• when it came to the tea ceremony it meant harmony, reverence, and calm

• samurais practiced calligraphy

• samurais were expected to be fierce warriors by the 17th century

• a haiku had three lines of 5,7,5 syllables which then added 17 syllables

• a haiku poet created a mood, either happiness or sadness


Spiritual Training

• Zen Buddhism was similar to Buddhism, this was very interested to many samurais because of their effort and discipline

• Amida Buddhism was found by a monk around in the 12 century and all Buddhist believed that they could reach paradise


Women in Samurai Society

• over time Women Samurai Society declined their position

• around the 12th Century a samurai wife helped with the household and family interests

• as the 17th Century passed by, around that time the Women Samurai Society Weakened and the Samurai men were unquestioned lords of the household

Samurai Women
Samurai Women



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