McGregor & Currie Jewelry #ITSASHORETHING

McGregor & Currie are a recent jewelry photography client from PEI that have based their artisan jewelry company around a neat idea: Wear a symbol of the coast so you can be reminded of your experiences of the Island wherever you go.

There’s no shortage of sea glass on Prince Edward Island’s coastline (especially on the south shore).

Forged by the sea - encapsulated in sterling silver

Sea glass is a quintessential emblem of the coast and M&C harvests from local beaches with the collection allowing locals and visitors alike to wear a poignant piece of the Island in a beautiful sterling silver setting of their choice.


They have a few standard items that are available and relatively consistent from piece to piece, however a lot of their jewelry collections are one-of-a-kind.

Sea Glass Pendant
Sea Glass Lever Back Earrings
Sea Glass Flex Bracelet

Soulful Island experiences worn close to the heart....

A tangible reminder of your favourite beach taken with you wherever you go.

"It's a shore thing" - Made with sand, shells and/or other elements (dirt, dried flowers, ashes) the M&C collection allows locals and visitors alike to capture that special memory or place in a piece of jewelry.
3 Beaches - Charm Holder Necklace
Stacker Ring
Mussels Shell Bypass Ring
Mussels Shell Link Bracelet

Jewelry Photography - Charlottetown, PEI brought to you by

Created By
Ben Russell



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