Tattoos on the Heart Book Project By: michael polcyn

Chapter 1. "God I Guess", This chapter is about God. It talks about the intimacy of God. That means that God loves us all and that we should love them back. The homeboys are questioning their faith because of their past. My favorite story in this chapter is the one where Cesar is talking to the man and asked "Do I know you?". This shows to me how open he is.

Chapter 2. "Dis-Grace", The moral and meaning of this chapter is the meaning of being recognized in being called by your true name. My favorite story is when speedy says "I bought her ass roses" on his wife's birthday. It shows how people can be more respectful if they want to try to do it. But to me he could have taken his wife out to dinner but he didn't. He just wanted to get her flowers.

Chapter 3. "Compassion", Thus chapter shows God's companionate love and his loving kindness. My favorite story was when Father G drove past the church by the homeless. He stopped to talk to a man who was Latino and had a nice car. He took him around the corner because he knew Father G was a pastor. At the corner is was a while group of homeless people getting fed. This shows me that there are still good people in the world.

Chapter 4. "Water, Oil, Flame", This chapters main focus was faith. It talked about keeping relationships and baptisms. My favorite story was when Father G was baptizing George and his brother Cisco. Apparently Cisco was shot and died the day before. He had to tell George after the baptism. George was very sad but he kept faith and stayed strong. This showed me how strong faith is.

Chapter 5. "Slow Work", This chapters theme was to slow our work down and be patient for God. My favorite story was not really a story. It was when Father G was talking about patience and love. He talked about how he was surprised with himself that he could stand in wonder and awe. This shows me that you gave to be patient and wait for Gods call.

Chapter 6. "Jurisdiction", My favorite story is when Travieso and Clever meet. They did not shake hands when they first met. Travieso gets beat up by another gang. Clever asks to donate blood. This shows that the homeboys got each other's backs. They are all coming together as one. This means to me that they are all good people and they got each other's backs.

Chapter 7. "Gladness" This chapter shows care. It shows care or what spider does for his kids and family. My favorite story is when Father G saw spider walking down the street and offered spider for a ride. He got in and said that the fist thing he is going to do is have dinner with his wife and kids. He said that he waits till his kids are done eating to make sure that they have enough before he eats his own. This showed me that was a very caring thing to do.

Chapter 8. "Success", The chapters theme is about succes. It talks about how to be a succes. It talks about how to challenge yourself. An example of their succes could be there homeboy business. My favorite story was when he learned from bill Canes reflection. It showed him what a failure and a succes is. It showed him a setback and progress. It shows me that you can learn show mich in just a little reflection. It also shows me that anyone could be successful If they care, work hard, and really want it.

Chapter 9. "Kindship", The chapter resembles kindship and relationships. My favorite story is when Louie cane in the father G's office covered with hickeys. He said he got 3 yesterday and that father G he saw when he got 3. Father G knew that wasn't true and they both laughter together. They made a kindship that day and a friend relationship. It shows me how easy it can be to make a good kindship/relationship.

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