The Crusades The quest for the holy land.


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The cartoon is explaining how the Pope is giving his speech and how the Muslims took their land and they shall reclaim it back. The Christians are expressing their emotions towards the events.


Peter the Hermit

Peter the Hermit was a monk in Amiens, France. He was born in 1050 and grew up in Picardy. Peter worked in the fields and attended church. A few accomplishments that Peter has done are: Leading the peoples crusade. Involved in the first crusade (1096-1099). He and Pope Urban II preached the first crusade in Clermont, France. Peter the hermit was a small, poor man with dark skin covered in dirt and had no shoes to wear! He only ate fish and wine, and attracted hordes of peasant followers with his religious preaching. This gets more in depth of Peter's life. He died around 1131, which is a pretty normal lifespan. Before he was a monk, he was a soldier. But a couple years later, Peter decided he wanted to be a monk: a member of a religious community of men typically living under vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. Peter was involved with the first crusade, like mentioned earlier. Pope Urban II and Peter decided to make a very interesting speech. They begged the people to rescue the Holy Sepulchre. After that, Pope Urban II and peter began preaching. He went through Italy, city to city, preaching in churches, the streets, etc.he walked through France, to Palestine, begging for food and shelter stopping at churches to pray, sleeping anywhere that he could, and worried that he would get robbed. Peter had crossed the Alps and he preached to the people of France, Germany, and other countries. So, Peter started his journey with 40,000 supporters and then reached 30,000 crusaders. Peter then reached Constantinople with his followers and camped outside the city. The Byzantine emperor was not happy about it. Then they left. After that, Peter returned to Constantinople to seek help from Alexius I. But, the Byzantine emperor refused to give any help to them. Peter joined the Constantinople’s council, and marched with them through Asia. By doing that, the number of followers decreased. Peter died around 1115, which is a pretty normal lifespan. He was found dead in the Augustinian monastery in Flanders. He was also buried there. Peter’s is not really known after the first crusade. Many historians think of peter the hermit as the “primary instigator of the first crusade.” He was a very great preacher, who travelled all across Europe to a crusade to deliver the holy sepulchre. A lot of people ended up forgetting who Peter the Hermit was, and what he had accomplished. He had a very important role in the first crusade, and was kinda the creator of it. He was a soldier, a monk, and he lived a fulfilling life. Peter the hermit is the originator of the first crusade


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Key Events

Event: Pope Urban’s Speech.

On their journey to Jerusalem, the Christians destroyed anyone that wasn't Christian. They burned Jews alive, tortured and captured Muslims. They did this all for “The sake of God”. Pope Urban gave Council of Clermont Speech that convinced everyone to fight no matter what their social standing was.

Pope Urban II stated “Enemies of God have invaded the land of God. The place he sacrificed himself for their sins that they were turning their holy place (churches) into mosques.”

Pope Urban II also explained how they had captured many Christians and tortured them in hideous ways. Everything that the Christians were thinking was, "this is our land and enemies of god are enemies of us." The people reacted with anger and they felt they needed to fight. It inspired many people's religion and their thought on god and the muslims, it was their duty to fight for what's right. This speech inspired people to preach. People like Peter the Hermit were inspired by the hate for the muslims and love for god. he was inspired by the right to fight for what belongs to them. The place that god died on the cross for the people. He made people believe that that land was great and worth living for and fighting for. People listened and they listened hard you could hear the loud comments people made, the anger in their voices they knew what the muslims were doing was wrong. Pope stated that they were going against their religion and their religion was everything to them. Pope urban gave this speech because he believes that it's his responsibility to Protect his people, and with the Turkish leader dying and the empire being weakened and divided it was the perfect opportunity to fight for what's there so they began their journey to Jerusalem killing anyone that was a non-believer. He added that they had taken over the Greek empire that it's so large it would take 2 months to walk through. He told the people it was their duty to fight the that the lord had given the military spirit, courage, agile bodies, and the power to strike down anyone that resists them. He said that the lord had done everything for them and that land represents him why not fight for it, the land let alone had great fruits and opportunities and resources but it also was the core to their religion.

Impact and Results

Well, we are back from our journey and fight for our land and there are lots of impacts and results of this debate and fight. Many people died and the families of those people are devastated. Also, many families and towns are full of sorrow at this sad time (even though it is suppose to be a happy time when we achieve what is ours). However, this affected people in ways nobody can imagine. People are unhappy not doing crops and not working. Some people stayed back in Jerusalem. Although many people were full of sorrow and pain, the people still feel a sense of accomplishment because they have cleansed the Holy Land. In addition, many are sad. A lot of people died from disease from battle, many families are lonely, and a lot of kids lost their fathers. Furthermore, a lot of women lost their husbands including a lady that wrote about the pain of losing her love.

“Jerusalem you made me suffer greatly, Take away what I loved most. Note I'll never love thee, Because there is nothing which filled me with more joy. Often, I am so oppressed and so angry that I hold it against God, who took my greatest joy away from me. Sweet bel ami how could you allow my great suffering over the salty sea? Nothing can describe the pain my heart endures when I remember your sweet clear face, Which I use to kiss and caress, It's a marvel that I don't lose my senses.”

Lots of pain the crusade caused but lots of accomplishment and joy and faithfulness. It was a win-lose battle and let those who have lost people feel condolences and let the ones who have lost their lives Rest In Peace.


The crusade in 1095 AD was devastating but occurred due to the threat of increasingly powerful Muslim Turks that presented to the Byzantine Christian empire. When an important Turkish leader died, the Turkish people and empire were temporarily divided and weakened. That gave Pope Urban an easy way to attack at that moment. Pope Urban did this in hope to encourage knightly ethic of chivalry and courage throughout battle while redirecting violence towards non-christian infidel. The crusade provided hope and adventure to all social classes. Knights, peasants, and nobles were given the chance to battle. Peasants were given the chance to escape from their lords. Any serfs who also took the cross were released from feudal obligations.

During the crusade in 1095 AD there were different aspects of the situation. There were two sides who looked at it differently, the Muslims and the Christians. The Muslims were taking over Christian territory. They invaded land, tortured Christians, killed Christians, and turned Christian churches into mosques. They were brutal towards Christians. When a Christian would come upon a Jew, they would kill them immediately. Jews described this as the ‘first holocaust’. Crusaders came to all parts in search of muslims. The christians came upon Jerusalem with an army of about 30,000+. The muslims surrendered to the Christians and Tancred promised protection of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Tancred was unfortunately unable to keep his promise and soon enough everyone was wiped out. The Christians wanted to keep the land to the self as they believed it was the holy land provided from God.

As for the Christians, they listened to their pope who had stated to deal with the situation as God would. The Christians who took the cross and fought for the land they call holy were promised absolute indulgence by the Church. This meant forgiveness of past sins and promise of immediate salvation if they die while in battle. This encouraged 30,000 Christians to unite and take the cross for their holy land. The Christians goal was to recapture Palestine. The pope wanted them to not start an outbreak of war but that did not stop them. Christians attacked the Muslims and Jews in Jerusalem with frequent waves of armies. Peasant armies burned wheat fields, looted villages and killed muslims. They went kingdom to kingdom killing the unwanted Muslims. Christians did this because they wanted to free Jerusalem from the infidel the Jews and Muslims had brought into their holy land.

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